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faction quests problems its bugged?


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guys im nomozu from the wild springs server,im currently  having trouble with faction (crismon)

im now lvl 50 HM2 nearly Hm3 and im not sure if i did the first faction quest or not.

i put on my faction uniform and teleported in every single plains/maps. looking for  the red quest as you guys say it but when i got the their is only the crismon EMblem

i tried to go on lower grounds to find the quests but didnt fine any.can someone help me please. and ow im still have the label "initiate" on my head

thank you

waiting for an answer

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You need to at least be one rank higher then Initiate. So you'll have to go back to Cinderlands and do those daily quests until you rank up. If the quests aren't showing up, I think the starting quest is in Sandstone Refuge. There's also a daily quest in Viridian Coast, Tomun Range and Razorwing Ravine. You could also try getting prestige from SSP and handing it in.

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