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Blade Dancer Phantom Grab problem


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so I have no idea what is causing it but on every mob when I do a Phantom Grab I often go with this Combo

4 for Grab then 2, LMB,Z,RMB,LMB because thats kinda a fast way for me to deal dps while grabbing but here is whats happening.


If I press 2 and do RMB immediatly the Grab gets cancled, tested it out on all Mobs so far. Can a fellow BD test this out? I'm often in Draw Stance when starting to do Grabs not sure if that matters.


Problem : Phantom Grab into 2 and Immediatly RMB Cancels the Grab


I have a feeling it has something to do with the new RMB when you are in Draw stance and an enemy gets restrained for BDS, but why should this affect the Person who is grabbing. If anything was unclear I can try to do a Video!

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If u use Lighting Bladestorm it will get u into Draw stance and let go of the Target once used...

to get max Usage of the Grap Duration and the Bladestorm Draw Stance do the following Combo:


Grap - Soulstab - Drain Chi - Blade Flight - Lighting Rod - Blade Flght - Flock of Blades - Blade Flight - Blade Storm

This way u get max duration of Grap and ppl will be abel us max Restrained skills aswell and then u end it and get instant draw stance to catch up.


PS : If your Ping is bad ignore Flock of Blades.. its only minor dmg anyway and in pvp ofc u would never waist it for that aswell


If Phantom grap got a Problem then its a different one and thats ... its hitbox... when u grap a target the boss is sometimes not hitabel or hard to target for players... that should be fixed

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