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  1. Every you wrote from start to finish is horseshit like do you even play the game or warden at all??
  2. dragon has alot of hitboxes so the more aoe skills you have them more durability goes down !
  3. You just wont be able to craft the mats but you can still make the box.
  4. what do you mean december 6th? after todays maintence you dont need 3 keys.
  5. Thats not how you play shadow gunner if you want to do more dps.
  6. How low can NCsoft reduce the price of stuff until its enough???
  7. i myself got premuim for the extra spin and now they reset it and compensate it with 2 more days.... NOPE I WANT extra spins not 2 more days of daily dash w/o me having premuim!
  8. You talk about all this tests you did but didnt even read about blade storm, blade storm tier 2 stage 2 gets you now in draw stance
  9. Nope that effect visibilty thingy isnt working. the whole thing with using optimize for combat was to not see the skill effect of other players. so with optimaze for combat hiding everything with skill effects,i used the monster effect option to see my skills, boss/mobs effects and now that option is gone im stuck with setting everything to max and that comes with lots of uneccesary stuff.
  10. Repair files didnt help at all
  11. Hei, before 1st june there was an option in graphic settings called monster effect that let me see boss effects and my skills effects, now that effect is gone i cant see either my skills or boss/mobs skill effects unless i set everything to max... any help regarding this? thanks in advance.
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