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Ideas for clan?

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I think these features has been stated before, but I feel that they need to be brought back up to the devs again.


The first item is 

1 - Clan vaults. No, not just depots where stuff is forever lost in there. But actual vaults. Where clan members may actually store evo items, or rare items so that others may use it. I dont care if it costs money/gold to expand. But I feel like this feature is necessary instead of constantly running a clannie through the same dungeon when you had the evo wep in your inventory the whole time.

2 - Clan donation log. I cannot tell you how important this is to a clan leader or an advisor. This helps in rooting out those that do not help the clan improve. This also helps to make records for the clan way simpler. We cannot be online 24/7 and we cannot all be looking at the clan chat for donations. Please, a log would be nice.

3- Activity log. This does not have to limit to clan, and can be extended to the friends list. I had clan mates quit the game out of the blue. These people practically went MIA without a word or a notice. A simple 'Last seen 2 hours ago' will do. Im not asking for much, just a simple activity log. 


Now that the necessities are out of the way. I feel like these features will help bring the clan a million mile further. 

1- Please the addition of more ranks. The current ranks are 'Recruit/member/vets/advisor and leader' Leader and Advisor are simply 1 person to each role. And not everyone can be a vet. However there is an influx of members, which most people will stay at. Im not saying that this is bad. Im just disappointed at the lack of progression in the clan. Please. Allow the ability to add more ranks.

2- Customized clan rank names. I cannot say how boring it looks when you see "Member ***** is online" Atleast some name change ability will be nice. 

3- More clan features. Features such as Enemy and friend clan. This will mark who is KOS and who the clan is in an Alliance with. Clan shops. Clan voting. Stuff like that. 

4- Clan homebase? This is a little iffy, but its a suggestion. Maybe something a clan can call 'home' Instead of all of us running around in game. Somewhere we can call 'home' would be nice. Maybe people dont care, but there are a few clans that do.

5- More clan uniform customization. I know this is alittle late. But there is only 1 rank 15 outfit. I mean... I dont have any objections with that, but how many colour combinations do you want people to come up with. The dominant grinding clans already have it, what does that leave the still growing clans with? Anyways, in the end of the day. We will all have the same 'Guerilla' outfit. It looks too cool to pass. 


There are alot more ideas, if we the players are able to suggest them. Any updates would be nice as well. But currently as the clan system stands. It do need a lot of work. 

And yes, my grammar isnt the best :/ and thanks for bearing with me if you read through everything. 

Have a nice day :D


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