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  1. Any1 experiencing very high CPU usage? this is annoying to watch those % http://imgur.com/a/0gYJf any hope it will change with 64 client ? i got skylake i5 6600k 3.50GHz and gtx 980, feelsbadman We need better optimalization :C
  2. you miss a point some of us played since january and dont have time to rise alts :), and fm is kinda... weak and boring after playing few months
  3. why would i like them to reset my hm skills ? i paid for them , or farmed them, so it would be a bad move? really bad move, nc would never do that
  4. turn off characters at 24man zones = stable fps :P even good pc's have fps drops on those locations
  5. We totally need that kind of voucher.. im tired of FM so badly, and i would like to reroll to KFM , but its gonna take ages to get him to 700+ where my FM is , Sad life :/
  6. http://imgur.com/a/N8tDS GIVE ME A BREAK PLEASE, TYPICAL MATCH AT 1700+
  7. more or less its wtfast or other ping boosting stuff that blocks your chat
  8. Great :) now we need some punishments for abusing this, keep it rolling guys
  9. I beg you ncsoft... its getting more and more ridicullus every day, im abou to stop bg, cuz its not fun anymore? Every single match, they disconnect to not lose rank, Some of them even dc just after getting to bg and checking team composition. This has to end, totally. Some of them laugh at us players trying to get our rank legit way. Even some of the good guys i played with started using it with explanation like ''what do you mean, every1 uses it now''. Shame on you if you wont fix that cheating on ranks.
  10. Guys guys, even low ranks like silver and low gold started abusing it :D haha this is funny
  11. As you are here, why dont you post official statement? or pass our cryout to devs. Preatty please
  12. @ AhmetCetin how the hell you dare to come here and complain ? when you achived your rank due to exploiting ? PATHETIC :))
  13. @ Wentoxxxx so basicly what you are trying to do here is prove us, that doing something not intended - like leaving battleground without punishment, where alredy your team feels bad and gain negative experience , is fine ? For me it looks like '' I use exploit to be better, cmon , go away from it , do not tell NC anything, because i am that bad that i cant keep my rank without it''
  14. If thats official... i can say only 1 thing ARE YOU INSANE ? DO YOU EVEN CARE ABOUT FEELINGS OF YOUR CUSTOMERS? Did you forgot about 1 basic thing ? If you wont make us happy we will stop paying, and you will regret it :)
  15. video or it didn't happened edit/ i would like to also have mod or admin post official statement here
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