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  1. I think these features has been stated before, but I feel that they need to be brought back up to the devs again. The first item is 1 - Clan vaults. No, not just depots where stuff is forever lost in there. But actual vaults. Where clan members may actually store evo items, or rare items so that others may use it. I dont care if it costs money/gold to expand. But I feel like this feature is necessary instead of constantly running a clannie through the same dungeon when you had the evo wep in your inventory the whole time. 2 - Clan donation log. I cannot tell you how impo
  2. honestly warlock is OP in pve. The buff resets all cooldown which is pretty much freaking OP since the dragon helix (not dragon call) can be spammed 3 times after you cast the V ability (Wingstorm). Dealing more then 30k damage if your a basic lvl 50. However. Theres always a however. Warlock is freaking useless in 1v1 PvP. Battle any class which is played by a player and warlock instantly gets rekted. Lets start with why. Warlock has alot of stun, knockdown and snares skill. Which is good. Other classes has alot of resist and escape skills. This makes o
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