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Konta/Seo Wang?


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Konta shouldn't be as much of an issue like Seo Wang can be. Konta, like any other, just requires you to do enough damage to obtain credit.


Seo Wang, however, is a different story. The only person(s) that will get credit on him is the first person/party to tag (hit) him. So let's say, for example, you are in one party, and I am in another party. Someone in my party hits Seo Wang first; that means we will get the credit for prestige, and someone within the party can obtain the credit. Anyone else outside of that party that helps will not get credit no matter what. If you are the first person to hit Seo, and you are not in a party, same rules: only you will get credit, regardless of others helping.


However, I would keep in mind when obtaining credit for Quarry Worries, you have to be the first person, or first person in the party, to pick up the chest he drops. Only one person, especially in a party, can pick it up; it's not like Konta/Chosu where you do enough damage and get a chest instantly, and partial credit for that daily.


Hope this helps.

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