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Request me to make profile picture / wallpaper with in game character


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To put it simply i love doing creating stuff (drawing, photo editing etc) while listening to music , i made myself an wallpaper and profile picture thus i thought maybe in community would want to get one too.
Example of wallpaper/profile pictures i made for myself:





How profile picture looks on bns coffe



If you want to request something here you dont need to do much just take screenshot in-game with hidden UI (ctrl+x) while using best settings possible for better quality outcome (you just need to take screenshot not to solo boss so no matter what pc you have it should be possible)
*Tip character does pose if you do not move , thus you can get screenshot in specific pose that way


How to upload custom profile picture ill leave it to yourself to find (there has been couple of ways on reddit).

I will do those when im free or when i feel like it, and outcome might not always be what you'd like thus im not asking for fee or anything in return im doing this for completely free, thought if you want to tip me in game i wont reject it either but its up to you and i wont mind either way.


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