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  1. As @Shuchin says in these situations the construction of the fire is very useful for these situations of muggled mobs, well to a that I use the fire and I can assure that they under life very fast.
  2. Well, yes, but young people who are restless, have already commented a lot on the subject and continue with the same discussion of when it will come out, you have to be patient, and wait.
  3. Well, what if I do not know if it is profitable for the game, I can say that I am premium and I have the option to save the costumes in the wardrobe to not take up much space. But it does not even let me put the suit in the wardrobe just because it is not my race, but then at least let me trade, transfer or roper it, but even that, then the suit is a waste of space, and if you vote That makes the time inverted this lost, that irony jajajajaja
  4. That is the idea, unless one can get some of the time that invested in getting the costumes and not be totally lost.
  5. Greetings to all, Well, as the title says, I want to know if it is possible to make some costumes can be traded and transferred from one character to another, such as; The "Seductress", because after performing multiple times the "Bloodshade Harbor" dungeon I left the item that is used to perform the exchange to get the suit with the NPC, but it turns out and I did it with my Lyn, and I thought To take it and then transfer it to my other character (Gon), but pleasantly take me the big surprise that I can not do anything with it. Well I thought it would be a waste to sel
  6. Well, although my main character is my KFM, I can say with confidence that the SF I have taken appreciation, and I can say that the changes have improved and can be appreciated, this video can illustrate a little: Soul Fighter Upcoming Skill Patch Changes, But I still say that SF is a good character.
  7. I do the same, but what I did was close the game and reopen it and I solve it.
  8. @kreao I do not think it is a mistake, what happens is that the "F2" what it does is show you your correct information without the AP and defense bonuses that are now implemented, but with the "P" key shows you with everything And bonus.
  9. I think that you can not say anything now, because the changes I've seen is that the Dragon Fist is now activated by the Focus Chi, and that Frost Storm can be accumulated by the Chi, and I can see that the DPS is easier To achieve. But in the same way you have to keep trying to see what happens. Soul Fighter Upcoming Skill Patch Changes
  10. As you have been told, continue with the yellow missions, and if possible the blues but those that you believe you can not do not, I have had similar problems, but in a few attempts I have achieved.
  11. I am the same, but I like my KFM, since I am entertained face to face with the boss exchanging fists, and now I have the construction of fire, to which I already got used to having a lot of ping.
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