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  1. Send by PM please ! Send by PM please ! You too xD
  2. For warlock ans BD Seraph is the best choice. For others Baleful is the best.
  3. Oh thanks for try ! :3 (could you PM that first try please ?) She's cool I like her, just à little cuter (maybe more round face) and just à bit more original if you Can (I really like thé "orange/red" eyes paint on yours if you could do it on her :3) >.< (With WL hair ) Sorry I know I'm boring but I'm really Bad at Lyn I can't try myself >.<
  4. They are cute but not exctly what I want, I want blue eyes and white hair, and errr the wl haire if it's possible
  5. Hey ! Could someone try tout do one. I would like her to be cute but sexy too ^^ Cause I'm very bad at lyn création...
  6. Guys stop complaining, in EU that's the evening ! So stop complain please USA users !
  7. Omg I just love your videos I follow you for a loooong Time :3
  8. SF is constantly nerf just because devs want this class to be support only. No hardcounter ? BD and sin are just invincible when you're SF.
  9. You're complaining about summoner ? Look at all summoner there is in the top. Now look how much BM there are. How Can you find summoner op !??
  10. I'm bored to see all destroyers crying on their class. Damn did you see thé SF ? Regen you say ? There is only one heal who Can be share in the group and in PvP ice regen work Bad. SF just Can be completely replace by SMN (more dps, heal, stealth...) Si stop complaining. But I agree Sin need to be nerf as BD.
  11. Look at Old page of the forum there is a LOT of topic about it. You maybe don't want, but when I Say everybody I mean a lot of person. Just look on préset sites like inven.co.kr and see the lot of presets with these hair. Even if YOU don't want stop think only about you.
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