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Soul shield and stats to focus on in pvp


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So for open world pvp which stats should I focus on?  In arenas I guess nothing matters, everything is predetermined.  But what about open world pvp and whirlwind battlegrounds?


Are there particular soul shields to get for the 3 or 5 piece bonus?  Which stats should I fuse?  Are there three attributes I need to max out?  What is the minimum crit I should have?  Is defense > evasion > block?  Where does crit defense fit into this?

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Crit defense is most important.


If your opponents are not wise enough to use crit def, crit damage and crit will make for an easy win, but if they have 1500-200 crit def you should forget about those two completely.


You need pierce > def = accu > HP > evasion = block


Easiest way to crit def are reflex soulshield primers, you can get them for any soulshield. Sparring and Challenger are excellent to go for, they each have substantial crit def and pierce set bonuses for 3 tiles only.

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