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HELLo everyone >noob here asking fo help<


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So. i am currently level 22 Kung Fu Master i was wondering how i can get better gear for my level. everything i have is for level 10 under i believe. Is there a way i can get more damage and stats with better gear? Also the Weapon i have is the same one i get at level 6, is there a better one for my level? Can someone please guide me to the right gear? Thanks.

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in B&S, weapon and accessories are mainly progressing by evolution of lower stages. There are quite good spreadsheets for these paths around, for example this one by BlueEmperor:




There are some cases where you would use non-evolution items for certain situations (open world PvP, or for max crit damage with an ultra high crit build), but mostly you cannot go wrong with evolution. It gets pretty expensive soon, though. So do not expect to reach endgame weapons at the same time as endgame dungeons. ;)


Soulshields are a different story. At lvl 22, everything is mostly easy so there's no real need to farm "best-for-your-level" stuff. Viridian valor stone lvl 20 shield should be totally fine for your level (you can get it from the vendor in Jadestone village). The best shield at 22 is the purple version of the blight set, but hangiong around Blackram Narrows so long that you complete it might hold you back. ^_^


In Cinderlands, either go for the Pokey set, one or both of the Cinderland Valor sets, or the Sacrifice set from Tomb of the Exiles.


In Moonwater, you can start out with Moonwater Valor sets, then mix and match your way up through Poharan, Blood Shade Harbour and finally Naryu set. Or Endless Tower and Mushin set if you like solo challenges.

But if you keep doing campaign, you will reach Silverfrost content before you got any of those complete, and then there's lots of other options.


Oh concerning upgrading: No matter what shield set, for PvE any upgraded stat is useful, but most people end up upgrading with crit anyway, since it's the main stat affecting damage and damage makes most things easy. Especially since in the endgame, you fight enrage timers more than for your survival.

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