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Can't buy NCoins with Euro

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So I have a problem. I want to buy some NCoins, but I am getting this shit: “At this moment there are no payment methods available for this combination of amount, currency and account,”.


kk I already found out yesterday that I have to change my adress, but I have a german adress and germany as a land and I still got dollar instead of euro. I have tried so hard to find out what's going on. Not even changing my land to UK, France, Japan won't work. No idea what going on. Can't find anything about it and now I am stuck.



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stil cant buy ncoin : chosing amount / OTHER/ and it suposed to show up paysafecard but it doesnt instead shows :


  • Step 1 : please select ur payment method

              At this moment they are no payment methods availeble for this combination  of amount , currency and account 

  • Next step : enter  your payment details


 Also when i hit previous a message apears that says : somting went wrong on our end 

                                                                                                   please try again after few minutes (5403)

please fix it 

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23 hours ago, Apotek said:

I wanne pay with Paysafecard its not working and if i wanne contact support same message 

Something went wrong on our end.

Please try again in a few minutes.


Any fix for that?

yes  contact support the wil make an adjustment to ur acount so it wil show paysafecard and Euro currency

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