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Shiro KFM - Short Video

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The bm did not use tab at 0:20... that was his 1 get up. Also you cannot block tab escapes, they penetrate defence. And the counter didn´t even knock him down. I don´t think that works either. You can use the deflect counter on bms for instance and it would deflect the hit and stun them, but i believe when a kfm counters the hit of your 1, it´s too late to reknock the bm down. It might be possible though, not 100% sure about that. However, he used his 3 to knock him down again in this video. He could have just used his lmb or 2 to do practically the same thing without using a cooldown.


So basically you put 2 skill pictures there to explain what´s going on and both are wrong... xD

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