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Destroyer skill question


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8 hours ago, Scrappy54 said:

I've checked around the forum and haven't seen a answer on how to spin w/ the pole arm having an enemy on it and throwing them - would someone be able to let me in on how to do this? Thank you :)

You need to grab an enemy (one-handed grab, else it doesn't work), then you can:

1. press Tab = spin with the enemy in your hand

2. press C = spin once then throw the enemy (I think this is the one you want)

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Actually I'm having problems with 'c' skill (hurl) I'm not entirely sure if certain conditions prevent me from using it, for instance, if 'grab' hasn't come off cd or whatever, but since the previous patch (July??) I notice its availability is random : sometimes I can hurl my enemies, sometimes I cant. And yes they are the smaller ones (can grab with 1 hand) This is rather annoying as I hear hurling a Summoner' s cat and knocking it out is a great way to deal with them :) but not if I can only use it whenever the game dam well feels like it.


Any thoughts anyone?

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