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  1. Is MY Destroyer's DPS REALLY That bad??!!

    Thank you very much for that sound bit of advice/reassurance Aulann. I going back to TOI to farm that Liberty badge and try some parses?? parsi? wokchan53
  2. Is MY Destroyer's DPS REALLY That bad??!!

    k, thanks Desutroyer
  3. Hi, i could use some guidance from any veteran destroyers First off, I do know and accept that currently, the Destroyer is the 'joke' class when it comes to dps- it will always/ likely be out paced when beating down a boss when not using end game gear or so I heard. This never bothered me before but other players have recently noted that my damage output it is rather lacking for my gear/level, thus I'm now some what concerned with my Destroyer's performance. If I land the 1st hit, then my combat meter can peak at somewhere from 1.2 to 1.35 million. Once another player follows up with their atk, my dps starts to plummet. If I'm the second player to attack, then my combat meter will peak anywhere from 600 to 900k then fall quickly to hold around 300k but usually I get an overall score of about 260k- even less if the boss get mobile or has mech animations (Numok, Amara, MSP) My ping is average,about the 200 mark, 190 (lowest) but can spike to215-247 during weekly raids/ msp when everyone atks at the same time. My standard rotation is: Blitz/Ram>Emberstomp>Fury>spam ani cancel (judgement+cleave)> Smash (after 6-7 secs) My DES is lvl 19 Earth Destroyer with an Aransu axe 9, awake Skybrk ring+E.ring, max Darkstorm Neck, Starbrk bracelet, King's glove, and an 8 piece Ruthless (Hive Queen) SS So my question is, is my damage output really that bad? and if it is, what am I doing wrong??
  4. Claim your Swordsman Pack & Character Slot Voucher

    I applied my code but ihaven't recieved a thing! Is there a time delay on recieving the the Swordsman pack?
  5. Destroyer skill question

    Actually I'm having problems with 'c' skill (hurl) I'm not entirely sure if certain conditions prevent me from using it, for instance, if 'grab' hasn't come off cd or whatever, but since the previous patch (July??) I notice its availability is random : sometimes I can hurl my enemies, sometimes I cant. And yes they are the smaller ones (can grab with 1 hand) This is rather annoying as I hear hurling a Summoner' s cat and knocking it out is a great way to deal with them :) but not if I can only use it whenever the game dam well feels like it. Any thoughts anyone?
  6. Solution For GG error (4049)

    Halajueha...hallihoo.... Thank God for BnS community and especially for Pookyfox. Somebody get him a bear!... or 'HER' a glass of wine. [which ever is more appropriate] :D
  7. Weapon Progression Guide

    Will there be any stat differences between the two paths? If not why split the paths?