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NCSOFT Support email scam?


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I just got an email in my spam box labeled from NCSOFT Support  (no-reply@email.ncsoft.com) anyone else get this? think its a scam cause I clicked the link and my stuff is set too remember login info and it didnt have it.


Dear customer,
Blade & Soul,We randomly drawn version update 10,000 places players gift packs , players have the opportunity to give 30 days (VIP) members .Your account has a chance. (My email was here)
Please click on the link below to confirm that you are using
There will be a message sent to your mailbox please check in 24 hours .
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That is definitely a phishing email.  Do not click on any of the links or you will risk compromising your NCSoft account.


The big red flag that should tell you that's a phishing email is the terrible English grammar and punctuation.  There's a sticky on the general discussion forums warning about phishing emails.  I strongly suggest you go give it a read.

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