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  1. Once I saw Walmart, I knew this PC wasn't going to be able to handle BnS. First, you need a good CPU to run the game as it's more CPU intensive than most games. An i3 just isn't going to cut it. The game calculates the position of other players in the area via the CPU, even if they are set to not show up on your screen. You'll notice huge drops in performance to nearly unplayable levels in crowded areas. I'd recommend at least an i5 and if possible an i7 if you can afford it. Heck, even with my PC which has an i7 3770k overclocked to 4.0+ Ghz, I found myself struggling with st
  2. To the OP: I completely agree with everything you said. I noticed the cash grabby way of NCSOFT way back in beta. To be honest, I haven't logged into the game for any actual progression since early February. I've just been lurking on these forums to watch the state of the game since.
  3. I believe this game would have been better thought out had it been a p2p model. First, it would have helped by adding a barrier of entry against bots by forcing them to pay additional money to activate a new sub every time an account received the ban hammer. Of course, they already do that now with some of those accounts being premium. Second, it would of leveled the playing field so that everyone was on even footing by getting rid of the so-called pay for convenience elements present in this game. It's been my experience that p2p games always feel more poli
  4. From Pittsburgh, PA. These are my results on a 100 Mb/s symmetrical FIOS connection.
  5. Hopefully NCSoft will not bring dps meters to BnS. I'm just going to leave this here for my reasoning:
  6. Weapon skins being one time use have been known and complained about since the days of beta testing regarding the master pack weapon skin.
  7. You can reuse items purchased in FFXIV to glamor as many times as you'd like. While I've never spent real money in the Mog shop for costumes, I can tell you from my experience using in game items to glamor that the only thing that happens to the source item is that it becomes character bound (if the item normally becomes character bound if equipped). You can't say the same for the transmog / glamor system in BnS though.
  8. If you're referring to the profile picture in the forums, this can't be changed. We all get the cat with the headphones except for the mods who get animated gif pictures. If you're referring to the in game profile, this was removed from the game because people were abusing it by putting porn and other questionable stuff up there. You can blame a few bad apples for that.
  9. Wiping characters for reclaiming names at this point in time is a bit of a gray area. When the game launched, one of the rewards people got for purchasing a founder's pack was name reservation. So people may have paid money to reserve those names. I wouldn't be surprised if they decided to do an inactive character wipe down the road, but right now is probably still too soon to do so since the game just launched six months ago.
  10. This thread was about the old 50 player block limit that kept getting filled up within minutes of logging into the game because of the spammers. Second, there's already a sticky about scammers. And third:
  11. @DarkLight111 Well Mr. 1 Post, I would like to say I'm sorry for wasting your time... .. ... but I'm not. Have a nice day, sir.
  12. Haven't really played the game in a while so I'd figure I'd share my favorite male Lyn preset for others. Enjoy!
  13. It doesn't hurt anything to download and try the game since it's free. But compared to TERA, I'd probably pick TERA. The gathering and crafting systems in TERA are a little more in depth. You can actually make your own stuff in TERA. In B&S, you can only make the most basic of crafting mats with a single character. It takes an army of crafters across all the professions to make anything decent in B&S. Everything in B&S is on a timer too, so it can take a while to make the more advanced stuff. TERA also has the shared bank while in B&S, each characte
  14. Bzzz... whrrrr... tHeRe ArE nO bOtS iN tHiS gAmE, fLeShLiNg. It'S yOuR hUmAn ImAgInAtIoN.
  15. That is a phishing email, and a pretty obvious one at that. Don't click the links or enter any information through it. Here are things that make a phishing email easy to spot (and these are in the email you show above): 1. Poor grammar. "It will be ongoing for further investigations..." This is terrible grammar, and no professional company would ever send out such a poorly written email to anyone. 2. Generic attention / not addressed to anyone in particular. "Dear customer" is not how most companies communicate to their customers. It's usually
  16. Absolutely not. I paid $134 after tax for the founder's pack partly on the promise that the exclusive costumes (east meets west, high noon, & transcendence) were exclusive. As I say on every thread that comes up about this, if you wanted it, you should have paid the admission fee like everyone else when it was offered.
  17. I'm surprised I haven't seen a white knight come in and say "It's not p2w, it's pay for convenience" yet. Though PLAYERC's comment is awfully close.
  18. That is definitely a phishing email. Do not click on any of the links or you will risk compromising your NCSoft account. The big red flag that should tell you that's a phishing email is the terrible English grammar and punctuation. There's a sticky on the general discussion forums warning about phishing emails. I strongly suggest you go give it a read.
  19. The request to make the Master Pack items something automatically given to every character made on the account was discussed quite hotly back in beta. Sadly, NCSoft chose to ignore those requests because of greed.
  20. Darn. Thought the op was talking about names like XxXK1ritoXxX.
  21. I made a Lyn named I mAllEars and another Lyn named Astrofizzix and a third Lyn named GoneWithTheLyn. That original enough?
  22. Now this is gold right here. XD
  23. I did read your whole post. I was talking about the bots helping kill the OW bosses. The other part of your post would be the part where I said it's a topic for another thread.
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