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  1. Amazing the kind of stuff you can capture when you set your view distance to 99,999.
  2. I made me a sexy Warlock. She's so pretty, I had to take the picture from low orbit to avoid getting blinded by the dazzling beauty that is my Warlock.
  3. Nope. The items are a lost cause. Hope your timing is good about getting the name back. You never know if someone just happens to claim your name as soon as it's available.
  4. It feels like the game actually gets worse with every patch. Now my fps is struggling to stay in the 30s. My computer was playing at a solid 90 - 120 during beta and launch in the same areas back in January.
  5. Just a heads up. There are two first steps in the F3 wardrobe. I thought it was a bug but someone in another thread (the one about outfit transmuting), pointed out that one of them is from the cash shop and the other is from Skittering Tunnels.
  6. They order new Yuns through Amazon via FedEx. Then for the shipping option, they just pick "2 day stork delivery". Cheaper than overnight stork delivery.
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