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assasin/bd/fm - best dps?


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Hello fellow Blade Dancers, I want to hear your opinion about dps... I'm wondering about rerolling to other class since I heard in-game that BD doesn't really do well in pve content (especially in long fights). Can you tell me which of this three classes has best dps - assasin, blade dancer or force master?

Maybe someone could put something like tiered dps list? Who has best dps? Who has worst?

Thanks for help, everyone ^_^!

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assassin has been proven to have the highest dps in Blade and Soul followed closely by FM. the problem with assassin is that they basically have to sin under the boss' ass and manage their cooldowns and their DoT stacks and such, while FM can pretty much afk and do close enuff dmg to an assassin (alot of FM i know have rerolled because of this, they say its boring as hell.) so the problem here is that for assassin to deal lets say tier list DPS if they would be at 100% they have constant dangers to deal with (which makes it fun as it feels like actually playing the game) and they can die at the drop of a hat if they ever lose focus on what they are doing or even lag slightly. On the other hand FM as stated can afk dps due to range and high dmg modifiers on skills etc. 


For assassin dps if i remember correctly its having higher than normal dmg modifiers and then also having high frequency (no/low cooldowns, no cast times) they almsot literally have no cast times on dps skills. Its basically just click, click, click. so if u can queue the skills u want to go off while managing chi and dot stacks u can have incredibly high dps assuming you have relatively decent ping. FM on the other hand have absurdly high dmg modifiers, even higher than assassin (10, 11, 15) stuff like that but their dps revolve around flame or fire stacks and while they dont have much cooldown issue like sins i believe they do have some cast time skills. So basically Sins is a true blue DPS class meaning: high-dmg/high-as-hell frequency while FM is more of a *DPH* class: high-as-hell/dmg - high-enough frequency.


I am not so sure about a proper tier list but i think I have done enough dungeon runs and have a pretty good idea on some of the class ranks.

My list would be this:








Assassin and FM have been proven, BD and KFM its something i have seen for myself and this is not bias because i am a blade dancer main but due to the way their dmg work i know for a fact that BD and KFM out dps the other 4 classes. In fact i would probably put KFM slightly above BD but i think they are about equal. BM deal more dmg than ppl give credit for its simply that they dont deal that dmg on a high enough frequency and WL isnt exactly a dps class, their modifiers arent that great and their frequency is shoddy.

Destro and SM i have to agree have the worst dps, SM is basically a safe zone utility class and Destro is a cc Bot with mediocre dmg.


Anyway thats just my idea of a list and maybe u can find a better one or if anyone wants to challenge me on the BD=KFM they can, i wont mind going to town on the modifiers and frequency of both classes.


EDIT: so in answer to your question BD dps isnt at the bottom and neither is it bad, but neither will it be the best (anytime soon) and its on u if u wanna reroll. But as said AS takes a bit of skill and ping to do well with, and FM has been (rumoured) to be quite boring so decide wisely my fellow BD.

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