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  2. "farm moonstones easily" is an overstatement because gunner is essential a global taunt, as soon as you are seen you instantly draw aggro. And the problem isn't about gunner dealing low dmg (because they actually deal a lot) the issue is that gunner lacks utility: 3 targeted cc and 1 of which you dont want to use in 6v6 since its your dmg buff on bracelet and then ricochet is pretty much useless vs certain classes and the 2 biggest limiting factors are the lack of Iframes on the class and guard break makes it very weak. Iframe on skills like Deadlock is standard for almost every mid-range class so thats a given, but then out of that gunners only have whipline which gets locked down by movement skill disablers and and then the cost of 1 hook per use when u need hooks for other skills and you start with 0 hooks upon entry to every instance makes it underwhelming. Last but definitely not least and in fact the biggest reason gunners are so weak, the lack of guard breakers. Gunners have 1 guard breaker which is also built into their cc skill which honestly makes it hard to deal with 60-70% of the classes in this game. If they had 1 guard breaker but had skills that go through guards then the class wouldnt be so underwhelming for pvp, but that is just the case, 1 guard breaker on a 36 second cd and 1 real skill that deals real dmg through guard/blocks and no other skills that can cc through guards is really weak, very very weak. If you get matched with a BM or WL they dont need to do anything to beat you, can just hold down block and you instantly lose the match. As far as I know every class with a guard break either has a very short cd on it or have multiple skills that can guard break or have skills that can root/limit movement/deal constant dmg through that guard break, but gunners pretty much get insta-fqd by guard/block.
  3. 50 box RIP off

    200 chests literally mean 22,400 NCoin which is $250 + $16 + $4 thats a whole $270 USD, and your saying spending $270 USD on an Octo Gem is fair because...?.....?
  4. 50 box RIP off

    usually i am not one to boycott things as it isnt constructive, but these boxes are by far the worst money-grab i have seen since the game started. If they are going to put a mark on me for saying this then I really dont care, because it needs to be said. As a premium user and someone who doesnt hesitate to trove when i want, I would like to think that I help to support the game and that I am a paying customer; granted I might not be a super whale like many other people in this game, but nevertheless I am still a paying customer. Some people have said its RNG boxes and that you basically need to get lucky to gain the items you need/want/profit, this is true thats the basis of RNG boxes "chance". But whats the issue with these boxes? why are so many people complaining? 1. The boxes are overpriced. 139 NCoin/HMCoin per box. 2. The drop rates are utter garbage, and if left to my own thinking I would think that some items represented on the item list doesnt exist in the boxes (ofc this is just from my experience with the boxes and from what I see youtube videos show and from what clanmates/friends have told me). 3. RNG boxes of the past "usually" drops 3-5 items. This one? as low as 2 items, and this is without looking at what the items are. Now many people are going to say "It's RNG whether you get something good or get something of lesser value, so what is the problem?" The answer to that is really simple. You buy RNG boxes for a chance to profit, if the reason that your buying something doesnt exist in the first place then what is the point of buying it? Meaning, from my perspective and pretty much everyone I know who have bought these boxes have come to one conclusion; the boxes are ripoff. Sure a few dozen boxes can't represent the entire loot table or system for these boxes. But what about a few hundreds? a few thousands? I personally bought 122 boxes and it was really appalling. Sadly I didnt buy them in batches of 50 and unpack before I did the bulk buy and NCWest got me. Great move NCWest, Thumbs up!!! Anyway what I am getting at is that from a few hundred boxes shown on youtube videos. myself and a few clanmates Gems dont exist in these boxes. So take my word for it, until they fix the drop rates or do something about the boxes just dont buy it. Its a waste of money crash-grab on their part. For 122 boxes thats 5560x2 + 1251x2 + 2x139 = 13,900 NCoin very expensive. If traded through f9 that would yield 7,315 gold...... From 122 boxes: 1 Premium Transformation Stone 2 Sacred Oil 11 Transformation Stone 8x 5 Moonstone Bundle 19x 10 Soulstone bundle 8 Evolved Stone 6 Aransu Orb 5 Imp Pets 3 Hive Queen's Heart 7 Hive Queen's Wings 6 Special Hongmoon XP charm 1 Shock Jock 20 Legendary Elements 1 Legendary Jewel 20 Sealed Void Fragments 6 Helion Core 26 Raven Feather 6 Chromatic thread 64 Cryptogram Rest of stuff are nonsense from white envelope. Guys really look at this, this is 13,900 worth of NCoin does this look like 7,315 gold worth of items? Guys don't buy these boxes, its a huge scam. Edit: something worth mentioning 139 NCoin for 1 Raven Feather + White envelope same for chromatic thread, sometimes the only item along with the whit envelope.
  5. Will wardrobe be free on 12 april?

    if i am not wrong, 20 euros should be able to get u 3 months premium. so buy 3 months premium one month then buy 1 outfit the next 2 months, logic?
  6. about the revamped skill system and stats

    if thats how it is then what will become of my and what would be the purpose of the earth elemental earring from black tower? ik quite a few summoners including myself got that earring. but if its a case where they added an earth dmg path for rumblebees then it wouldnt pose a problem, but i dont like the thought of having my gear or skills nerf since it took time to acquire and learn them.
  7. F2 Dilemma

    So.... when can we expect a fix to F2? like this has been going on for a while now. I dont even care about bopae or bopae stats not showing, i want u to fix the ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ing white screen that everyone and their dogs have been abusing lately. Lately i have seen known low geared trolls acquiring these accessories and equipping them to sneak into end game dungeons. These obnoxious dudes have something ridiculous like 400 AP and sneaking into Desolate Tomb and Ebondrake parties and then the whole party suffer because A) they dont have the dmg to do anything and B) they dont know mechanics or C) they intentionally troll the party by messing up mechanics and u cant do anything about it or even check them because they refuse to show achievement and their gear level is unknown etc. Do u know how tiresome it is to ask ppl to show achievement for every ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ing end-game dungeon run u want to do??? and then when half the party run into the dungeon and the known/unknown F2 abusers refuse to show achievement because they know absolute zero about the dungeon, its too late to go back to lobby and kick them and then waste 1hr with these trolls..... like ur using apache tomcat shit... ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ing fix it already dammit. its frustrating!
  8. Summoner Itemization

    i dont have a problem with skill builds or setups. i just wanted to know the perfect setups for elemental accessories.
  9. Summoner Itemization

    so was looking for some info on the new Elemental accessories since i currently dont have legendary accessories *yet*. i have seen a lot of white screened Apache summoners which proves they are using the elemental accessories. can anyone shed some light on just how good they are and which exact ones "ring, neck, ear" are the preferable one/s. I highly doubt using all 3 is advisable since critical dmg is still highly important and a delicate and/or specific balance I imagine would be necessary. I already did some testing for the Pyro necklace which uses wind build and the raw unrefined Pyro Necklace had just slightly lower dmg compared to True Python - Stage 10 neck which i think when refined to max Pyro Stage 10 will be way way more beneficial.... but is it the same for Acrimor Neck for Earth build as i mainly use SunPower and i dunno the exact scaling/benefits for the Earth build using the Earth elemental accessories. cheers and thanx in advance.
  10. Can a summoner have the same DPS as FM or WL?

    uhm, here are my $0.02. FM can is basically an anti-ranged killer. multiple forms of frost sheath and perma freeze + ridiculous dmg that goes through anti-projectiles like petal storm etc. the perma freeze and run around while having a knockback/block skill that denies the cat or other melees (kfm,BD, destroyer) from charging them BM is a separate case here. not sure about the FM vs WL matchup but if Summ can shit on WL this bad and SM and FM have almost the same type of playstyle bar the cat then i would think FM basically 80-20 WLs so again range killers. FM once again have ridiculous good matchup vs melees like BD and KFM unless FM is stupid with the perma freeze and the knockback skills. Also note that FMs giving chill means almost always disabling charge skills, basically 60-70% of the fight a melee doesnt have access or reach to an FM because charge disables. FM have Q and E gap closers/gap wideners which is stupid for a range class with perma charge disables and perma freeze to have. also the only RANGE class that has 2 stun escapes... is stupid and their IMPACT skill is basically a grab break when they have frost applied. and u say FMs arent overpowered?
  11. And now you are pay-to-win

    no its not. the 5 AP gem is untradeable and so are the snowflakes..... u think they designed so u can get away with not spending money???? u have to collect all 350 on 1 character then upgrade it.... after upgrading it then it becomes tradeable/account bound... NCSoft isnt stupid, so dont try to assume they are.
  12. And now you are pay-to-win

    i see dudes with HongMoon Energy - Stage 8 since half day yesterday... couldnt believe my eyes. and thats ~20k+ Gold worth of mats to make it, and its the same 820+ AP whales... well i wont grudge ppl for the extra funds they can swipe from mom and dad's purse/wallet or for the sweet funds they make at their jobs..... its their money and its up to them how they decide to spend it.... just make sure u still have a house and your kid's university money when u need it :D
  13. Top Dps atm? :)

    the problem in ur statement is that FM is actually no longer bread and butter DPS. i have seen with my own eyes from many a runs WL out dps FMs. its possible the FMs were simply bad or had latency issues etc... but FM and WL are actually pretty close dps related these days which is why in my previous post i said that for nerds who want BiS parties it would/should be a 2:2 ratio BM:WL or drop 1 BM and add a sin for 1:1:2 sin > fm simply cuz blue buff and Sin hve high tier dps... i dont consider sins Top tier atm simply cuz recent skill changes and shit.
  14. Login down?

    see. u can fix ur shit if u try.... it only took a whole *cricket*ing day!
  15. Login down?