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  1. "farm moonstones easily" is an overstatement because gunner is essential a global taunt, as soon as you are seen you instantly draw aggro. And the problem isn't about gunner dealing low dmg (because they actually deal a lot) the issue is that gunner lacks utility: 3 targeted cc and 1 of which you dont want to use in 6v6 since its your dmg buff on bracelet and then ricochet is pretty much useless vs certain classes and the 2 biggest limiting factors are the lack of Iframes on the class and guard break makes it very weak. Iframe on skills like Deadlock is standard for almost every mid-range clas
  2. 200 chests literally mean 22,400 NCoin which is $250 + $16 + $4 thats a whole $270 USD, and your saying spending $270 USD on an Octo Gem is fair because...?.....?
  3. usually i am not one to boycott things as it isnt constructive, but these boxes are by far the worst money-grab i have seen since the game started. If they are going to put a mark on me for saying this then I really dont care, because it needs to be said. As a premium user and someone who doesnt hesitate to trove when i want, I would like to think that I help to support the game and that I am a paying customer; granted I might not be a super whale like many other people in this game, but nevertheless I am still a paying customer. Some people have said its RNG boxes and that you bas
  4. English. But meh... i can see what ur saying..... its kinda ridiculous... if am not mistaken HMz pull is like 2 seconds stun time and if it hits u they literally deal 40-60% of ur HP depending on ur class and base Defense.... for Destroyer its closer to the 40% and for classes like summ and FM its more on the 50-60% side since their defense are lower. so again... stun once? lose 40-60% HP... tab that? LUL > get raped lose 100% HP @Shadovvvas alot of ppl have pointed out, the problem is the simplicity of their setup... its not a case of: stun > deal small dps > tech ch
  5. I always knew BM needed some sort of buff. But why were BMs buffed this hard? They can literally use 2 skills and deal 40% of everybody's HP in arena regardless of class.not to mention their ridiculous amount of charge skills and immunity frames...... like how is this even fair anymore? BM advantage: Grab Break (separate from their TAB escape) Spammable High dmg output 40-60% HP at a time multiple charge skills spammable block refreshable immunity frames (HM block) multiple immunity frames (even more than BD) Long range stun that pu
  6. what u guys are saying is entirely true. High AP doesnt always means a successful party neither does it mean a smooth dungeon run since player skill and or brains play a part in the process. However this is a thread aimed at figuring out a DPS tier by class, the focus isnt really to find fault in which player has mechanics and which player or type of player or type of class has good mechanics. the sole aim is to compare dps by class. as I stated before, there are alot of factors to maintaining quality dps (mechanics, skill, brain etc.) and logically so these should not be ignored,
  7. 1. stop talking out of ur ass. the difference between a destroyer and FM of equal gear over a long fight will never be 3k dmg, thats bullshit. 2. seems u have very narrow vision or u either cant think straight. everybody knows that certain classes have stronger "Burst dps" than others while other classes have stronger "sustained dps" if we are talking straight up burst dmg then obviously destroyers and BDs are high up on the list. destroyers however have the weakest sustained dps in the game.... notice that after ur 6 seconds of fury ran out u were using the variant of smash which
  8. for any class without threat increasing skills namely BM/KFM and summ crouching tiger skill and assuming ur base threat lvl is 100% meaning that u dont put or use "threat" increasing items such as bracelets etc. aggro is purely about dps. sure there are other factors which affect dps like player skill (avoid boss atks while still maintaining quality dps), not getting knocked down or knocked back while maintaining quality dps, not dying not having to leave combat to heal/regen HP.... since obviously if u those are happening to u then u arent doing quality dps it takes about 1 second to get knoc
  9. well if a destroyer is pulling off aggro in any party and he doesnt have a significant AP/crit dmg advantage then i feel for that party. Destroyer by far has the worst dps in the game atm... and i mean very very far so for u to have aggro with same gear or less than a 20-30 AP advantage means ur team is at a lvl where they are basically 2 ppl doing 1 person worth of dps, RIP dungeon timer.
  10. "I'm pushing 18-19k (dmg on some hits) on my FM and thats without baleful :p Are (sins) sustaining that form of dps?" fixed it for you, and i am tired of saying this but u cannot compare the dmg u do per hit and make that the entirety of the term "dps". dps and dph are 2 completely different things and while dph does in fact calculate into dps, dps is not entirely based on dph. How many skills do u push out per second? how much dmg does each individual skill push out? do u have dot tick uptime? as you can see there is more to dps than just individual skill dmg. for example if ur so
  11. @Shiune dude i dont want to quote all of that hogwash u have there. but bro i think u got ur shit mixed up.... dps != dph. they are 2 very different concepts.... dps = damage per second while dph = damage per hit, all of what u have been describing is damage per hit hence "DPH" u cant take 1 hit and say that that 1 hit represents the entire dmg a class can do over 1 second or 1 rotation or over a set time span. Take KFM for example KFM hit *cricket*ing hard.... like so hard once they get rolling, but they will never have top dps because they simply dont hit enuff times in 1 second to have the
  12. reading this garbage is giving me cancer. warlock top dps class? summoner top dps class? who writes such bullshit? WL and SMN are in bottom tier on NA and EU for dps the only class they can beat out for DPS is Destroyer and possibly BM. I dont know about SF but if anything a DPS tier list would look something like this: Sin > FM > KFM=BD or BD=KFM > WL=BM or BM=WL > SMN > Destroyer. destroyer obviously at the bottom because their dmg modifiers are shit and neither do they have skill fequency. Sin - hit hard as hell with good modifiers and have high skill frequency
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