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  1. "farm moonstones easily" is an overstatement because gunner is essential a global taunt, as soon as you are seen you instantly draw aggro. And the problem isn't about gunner dealing low dmg (because they actually deal a lot) the issue is that gunner lacks utility: 3 targeted cc and 1 of which you dont want to use in 6v6 since its your dmg buff on bracelet and then ricochet is pretty much useless vs certain classes and the 2 biggest limiting factors are the lack of Iframes on the class and guard break makes it very weak. Iframe on skills like Deadlock is standard for almost every mid-range clas
  2. 200 chests literally mean 22,400 NCoin which is $250 + $16 + $4 thats a whole $270 USD, and your saying spending $270 USD on an Octo Gem is fair because...?.....?
  3. usually i am not one to boycott things as it isnt constructive, but these boxes are by far the worst money-grab i have seen since the game started. If they are going to put a mark on me for saying this then I really dont care, because it needs to be said. As a premium user and someone who doesnt hesitate to trove when i want, I would like to think that I help to support the game and that I am a paying customer; granted I might not be a super whale like many other people in this game, but nevertheless I am still a paying customer. Some people have said its RNG boxes and that you bas
  4. if i am not wrong, 20 euros should be able to get u 3 months premium. so buy 3 months premium one month then buy 1 outfit the next 2 months, logic?
  5. if thats how it is then what will become of my and what would be the purpose of the earth elemental earring from black tower? ik quite a few summoners including myself got that earring. but if its a case where they added an earth dmg path for rumblebees then it wouldnt pose a problem, but i dont like the thought of having my gear or skills nerf since it took time to acquire and learn them.
  6. So.... when can we expect a fix to F2? like this has been going on for a while now. I dont even care about bopae or bopae stats not showing, i want u to fix the ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ing white screen that everyone and their dogs have been abusing lately. Lately i have seen known low geared trolls acquiring these accessories and equipping them to sneak into end game dungeons. These obnoxious dudes have something ridiculous like 400 AP and sneaking into Desolate Tomb and Ebondrake parties and then the whole party suffer because A) they dont have the dmg to do anything and B) they dont know mechanics or C) they
  7. i dont have a problem with skill builds or setups. i just wanted to know the perfect setups for elemental accessories.
  8. so was looking for some info on the new Elemental accessories since i currently dont have legendary accessories *yet*. i have seen a lot of white screened Apache summoners which proves they are using the elemental accessories. can anyone shed some light on just how good they are and which exact ones "ring, neck, ear" are the preferable one/s. I highly doubt using all 3 is advisable since critical dmg is still highly important and a delicate and/or specific balance I imagine would be necessary. I already did some testing for the Pyro necklace which uses wind build and the raw unref
  9. uhm, here are my $0.02. FM can is basically an anti-ranged killer. multiple forms of frost sheath and perma freeze + ridiculous dmg that goes through anti-projectiles like petal storm etc. the perma freeze and run around while having a knockback/block skill that denies the cat or other melees (kfm,BD, destroyer) from charging them BM is a separate case here. not sure about the FM vs WL matchup but if Summ can shit on WL this bad and SM and FM have almost the same type of playstyle bar the cat then i would think FM basically 80-20 WLs so again range killers. FM once again have
  10. no its not. the 5 AP gem is untradeable and so are the snowflakes..... u think they designed so u can get away with not spending money???? u have to collect all 350 on 1 character then upgrade it.... after upgrading it then it becomes tradeable/account bound... NCSoft isnt stupid, so dont try to assume they are.
  11. i see dudes with HongMoon Energy - Stage 8 since half day yesterday... couldnt believe my eyes. and thats ~20k+ Gold worth of mats to make it, and its the same 820+ AP whales... well i wont grudge ppl for the extra funds they can swipe from mom and dad's purse/wallet or for the sweet funds they make at their jobs..... its their money and its up to them how they decide to spend it.... just make sure u still have a house and your kid's university money when u need it :D
  12. the problem in ur statement is that FM is actually no longer bread and butter DPS. i have seen with my own eyes from many a runs WL out dps FMs. its possible the FMs were simply bad or had latency issues etc... but FM and WL are actually pretty close dps related these days which is why in my previous post i said that for nerds who want BiS parties it would/should be a 2:2 ratio BM:WL or drop 1 BM and add a sin for 1:1:2 sin > fm simply cuz blue buff and Sin hve high tier dps... i dont consider sins Top tier atm simply cuz recent skill changes and shit.
  13. see. u can fix ur shit if u try.... it only took a whole *cricket*ing day!
  14. i thought i was the only 1 who noticed it. a tank class in any mmo should not even have 1/3 or at best 1/2 the DPS of a DPS class let alone BE THE TOP DPS (A DPS CLASS EXISTS FOR 1 REASON.... "surprise" it exists for being top dps). also supports having such ridiculous dps is in itself ridiculous. Because just think about it for a second...... if tank class is best dps class and support class is equal to the tank class as high/best dps.... then why the other dps classes exist or why are they needed in a party when u can simply kill shit twice as fast by rolling 4 BMs or 4 WL or 2/2 BM:WL??? th
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