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New Soul Shields, new stats to upgrade?


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Hi, i been always with naksun + crit defense and now Challenger and Sparring SS are outs in the new pvp tower.

I made a 3 piece set of Challenger that gives 480 Piercing, 490 Crit Defense and 330 Debuff Damage... Sparring gives 354 Piercing, 365 Critical Defense and 250 Debuff Damage.

Debuff Damage says it gives aditional % damage when enemy is stuned, dazed, air, grip, etc...


My question is, in single stats and looking to the future would be good to have full Challenger SS set, but is it better to have only 5 Challenget and leave 3 Sparring for those three set bonus?

Challenger Chest is given by floors 30+ and Sparring at 30- i think.


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4 hours ago, SilentOne said:

challenger is prolly 40+ coz im getting sparring at 38f. And imo atm is best pvp combo 3x sparring 3x challenger and 8 and 6 high hp asura/lab.

Maybe depend on your results?? And where do you start from now on? Im starting on floor 24, today i got to floors 37 and 40 and got 2 challenger chests (that only gives 1, 2, 3 or 4) I did get a chest one time that gave from 1-8 and got a bad number 7, idk how i got that chest.

For pvp tower of infinity today i build a 5 Asura + 3 Challenger and was way much better, i droped a lot of crit defense but still on 1050 so its good for higher floors, and now i have 1400 piercing, 1400 acu and 4200 critical, and much better crit damage from those 7% of asura + the extra 15% of challengers when CC or grabed by cat. Being a summoner my hp wasnt a problem, so its ok. In 6v6 and OWPvP i still need more defense so for now 5 Naksun + 3 Challenger, but i will try to get those 3 Sparring, i got very bad lucky and when i got those chest i got only #3 piece.


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