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  1. The comunity in here is super toxic, all know that, you dont have one single group server where people sit and talk to share SSP where the most part of the game go throu, and dont seem that is going to happen. Game is dying cause some part of the comunity is super stupid.
  2. Well, in group 6 crimsons follow people like (edited), leader of (edited) (Yunwa) that if you can hear talking you understand the situation. (The guy think that he is the lord, the king of the server if you hear him talking, is so funny) Sad thing if that if you wishper rest of members a lot talk bad of him fat his behinds, but then they follow orders cause thay can farm peacefully.
  3. Mastrof


    You are on the 1%-5% of the elite server players and you are complaining cause u want more. You are making 300g+ a day , buying a lot of boxes and still mad with game. I reach legendary one week ago, I'm t 666ap and now I'm taking it easy, some days I just make the gold from daily and that's it, less than 30g, im already end gear, why would i lose my mind for something that wont make a difference. Maybe you should change your approach to the game. You already say it, "I almost don't have anything else to do", and maybe new content gets out and in your rush to be the best geared playe
  4. Mastrof


    Well, in here they are trying to catch up with asian content, and it's going too fast, I won't discuss that. And the trove event and this other random events are all the time going on, so currency is always dropping, there is no break from events. On other part like gold prices in general, if you are in the strong faction you can farm 100g in one day and buy like 700 hcoins, that isn't bad... (huh I have a 470 FM alt for Moonstone farming since I'm in weak faction and I make 25 moonstones per day when I farm just a little bit in there) I never do buying on f10 store cause it's like g
  5. Mastrof


    Well, is not understanding that you are playing a game build by a company. A company needs to make money, a game company, a cloth company, a aviation company, any company... they sent out boxes where some people spend like 500+ USD to get a gem, that won't make a difference, but for an extra 4ap or whatever it is, crazy people will empty their credit cards. I applaud ncsoft, they smart.
  6. Yeah, they made too many servers cause in the start they made that stupid queue time, and their solution was putting out more servers, instead of fixing that queue issue. I think is good as they say, the only bad thing is the faction issue. But with servers transfers pop up, people will start switching to the group that is more balanced/channel sharing, that means less toxic ppl. I'm waiting till that happen to see where I move.
  7. Mastrof


    The majority of the game isn't in that cap of AP. And if those people who are crying for some stupid gems that the reality is that they don't make much difference, what makes you think that when they got them they wont quit? They got end gear so what would they do after that?? People rush too much.
  8. I think you are wrong on something, the pvp comunity was huge before, because it didnt had the SSP and the best way to farm SoulStones and make money was on arena, were good or the worst pvp player in history, you would make more money than outside in 24man zones or dungeons, so arena had plenty of people. Now the best zone for farming is PvP zone (SSP), but all the pvpers seems to disapear or went to the strongest faction to farm. The game didnt ruin the pvp, just the comunity... If people speak with words of their head and not of their *cricket*, they would had even factions, they would
  9. Seems some people get really mad in the game, and they don't take it easy... I'm from Argentina in the other point of America and I play with 300ms and for me is ok because I'm in the other part of the world, I don't expect to play with 30 or 50 or 100ms, is stupid if I think to play like that. About PvP, some times I play vs USA players that I see they hit like almost twice faster and is ok, they are near server, but vs the majority I play vs equal conditions, since there is a huge community of players from out of USA. I do a lot of ssp PvP and I got a lot of wishers of people that
  10. I saw it that some1 post it on reddit. In my oppinion isnt good, as same as the next Lineage Eternal, both games are thinked to catch mobile platform users and the games are mostly the same. Instead of doing something new they are recycling what they have. If you see the next games for NCSoft are all games that they have, thinked for mobile.
  11. That resist 3 seconds + speed rush is so good on Asura for grabing the blooms, is like you are flash xD.
  12. I had 0 till last week that i got 1 from pouch and now one from trading the tickets... Its nice what they have done there for people who dont pay, i got now 2 AP gems and know a lot of people that has 3, for free. If they done this in this month for sure they will make the same some time later. I dont mind the P2W that some people seems to cry about, like some users told, thats whats keeping the servers running, the employees payed, etc...
  13. Idk why people get so mad with P2W events and that, this is a company, isnt a MMORPG ONG. They need to make money, they need to pay people all the months, they need to have profits, etc... Till one week ago i didnt had any AP gem, just the regular you can find on the market and i killed guys with all AP gems, legendary, full gear (now i have the green one from tickets and a blue one from pouch). I dont know why people think ohhh that guy bought a lot of gold!!! He will destroy meeeee, there are a lot of end gear users that are very bad playing. Beside, its a small % of people if you take
  14. Well, i think NCSoft is sleeping cause Revelation Online is taking all the good things they had into a single game. They have the same movements, and similar action game as BnS and they added Castle sieges as L2/Tera. The company have some great ideas and i think that BnS is the start for something better in the future, i think they should combine some of L2 and BnS ideas for something greater, for me L2 was the best game i played but its very old now. And the upcoming games of the company are all related of thinkd for mobile. And i think also the same as u say about all. Even the fa
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