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June1 and june 22

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At june1 and june 22 changes will happen.

Changes regarding weapon paths, some shops go away and some items become unuseable like the mushrooms and such

Where can I read which things change, at june1 and june 22?
Which things are only useable until x date?



I read here how the Nebula stones only be purchaseable and useable for limited time (until 22 june).

But nothing regarding other items and currencies.


like do those experience charms become useless?

Or if they are in your inventory/bank in time, you can use them when you are ready (hm1 or higher).

I am lvl 49 so I cant use them yet.

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As far as I know, the only changes to current free content (not listing changes in cash shop/hongmoon shop) is:


June 1st

- removal of the option to go into Siren/Pirate weapon path

- removal of frozen vipercap dungeon and the daily event quest 


June 22nd

- nebula upgrade stones can no longer be used

- mushrooms from current event will be useless

- mushroom shop is being removed, all items from the shop will remain in the game, just can't buy it from this specific shop


Exp charms do not expire, they're a permanent part of the game to make getting Hongmoon Levels easier. The update on June 1st will contain new content and possible other changes to the game, but we won't know until they release the full patch notes. Patch notes tend to come out 1-2 days before the update.


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