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LF: Guide on HM Books, Souls

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A few quick notes about this guide. This is from TW/CN version of BnS but almost everything is the same as it is on NA/EU. 

A few key points:


HM LB skill

Wind plains is Skypetal Plains in NA/EU.


Recovered HM Skillbook 2

Hellgate Nightmare dungeon is Awakened Necropolis in NA/EU.


HM skill 3 pills

Currently not in-game in NA/EU.


HM skill: Chilling flame elixir

Snow Jade Palace is Sogun's Lament in NA/EU.

Frozen Snow Jade is obtainable from Cold Storage dungeon. After you kill the first boss, a merchant will spawn that will sell the Frozen Snow Jade for 125 blue orb currency you get from doing Cold Storage.


Guide can be found here: http://www.freedomplays.com/blade-soul-unlocking-hongmun-skill/

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