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KFMS and Leveling!


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Your 2 Ability can be spec'd into Tiger strike(Far right tree) And its a AOE that you can spam if u can keep your chi up. V Spec into your Middle tree with 3 points, Allows you to pull in mobs in a radius.

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hi there,


You can go for a build based on "Tiger strike (tier3 stage4)" and hellfire kick.


So basically, you do this rotation: LMB -> 2 -> 4, then lMB->2, LMB - > 2... until your hellfire kick is up again.


Tiger strike costs a lot of focus though, so you will be using "Searing blow (cyclone kick tier 3, stage3)" when it procs to regen your focus and reduce the CD of searing palm, which makes your rotation: 

F (when searing blow is up), LMB -> 2 -> 4, lMB->2, LMB->2... until your hellfire kick is up again


As Deadclass said, you can use your V (tremor) specced into pull+aoe but you'll have it a bit late (level 36 i think)


I don't remember around what level you'll get the other skills. let me think :p, you will get tiger strike very early (around 19 i think), hellfire kick a bit later, and searing blow around 27 i guess (you must have enough skill points to spec cyclone kick into searing blow).


Keep in mind that this rotation will change once you hit 45. you'll get searing palm and you'll be using it but it's not an AOE skill.



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On 4/17/2016 at 7:34 PM, Eolus said:

I'd prioritize:

  • 3 pts ~ Tiger Strike - Swift Strike - Stage 4
  • 2 pts* ~ Iron Shoulder - Stage 4 (* +1 pt after you get Tremor)


  • 3 pts ~ Q/E
  • 3 pts ~ Comet Strike - Stage 3 (practically spammable while using Fighting Spirit)
  • 2 pts ~ Fighting Spirit - Stage 4 - solo, Stage 3 - in a party


  • 2 pts ~ Searing Blow - Cyclone Kick - Stage 3


  • 2 pts ~ Second Wind - Stage 3
  • 2 pts ~ Smite - Stage 4
  • 3 pts ~ Tremor - Stage 2 (Train ASAP by taking points out of Smite or Second Wind)


It's not too important, but most trained abilities only really become worth it when you reach a certain Tier, like Fighting Spirit (obviously) & 2 points in Iron Shoulder, so it's probably better to spend the odd point in Counter, Second Wind or Leg Sweep until you have enough.

On 4/17/2016 at 8:38 PM, Eolus said:

I like to aggro as many NPC's as possible by running near them, charge attack hopping while Q/E, SS dodging & Tremor pull, then Leg Sweep, Q/E, SS, Counter & Fighting Sprit to survive between bursting them down with x2 Comet Strikes (Stage 3), Tiger Strike -> Hellfire Kick & Counter -> Iron Shoulder.

- Fighting Spirit -> Comet Strike spam provides amazing burst & healing, useful against bosses & large amounts of mobs.



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