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  1. Returning player

    Last time I played bns fire was the more dominating build, idk how it is now with all these awakenings or w/e that are out but could someone give me a good build for pvp ? and pve i guess aswell xD would really appreciate that, thank you.
  2. KFMS and Leveling!

    Ill spec those skills and try to use that rotation and see how it goes, thank you guys!
  3. KFMS and Leveling!

    I dont mind single target skills later on its just that while I'm leveling through the boring levels waned some nice aoe skill xD
  4. KFMS and Leveling!

    KFMS seem heavily single target dependant, do they have any aoe skills or any good aoe skills without cooldowns that they use while they level up? If so whats the skill called and around what level do kfms get it?
  5. Class Destroyer is good to PvP?

    If you focus on pvp with him and actually become good with the destroyer, you can probably beat every other class in the game.
  6. I really enjoy the way the game looks but every time I put the settings up I start having frame rate issues and especially in dungeons, are there certain options I can turn on that wont effect the frame rate issue much and make the game look decent? And certain options that I can turn off that could also help with the frame lag. Thank you in advance!
  7. 49-50!

    xD any particular dailies ?
  8. 49-50!

    Whats the fastest way to get from level 49-50? 50% left >.< This grind is real =p
  9. How to obtain those HM books?

    How can you get HM books? Are they worth getting or should I prioritize other things first? Like leveling gear, making gold, etc?
  10. Silver Deva Weapon

    So should I just spam 1 - 2 floors ?
  11. Silver Deva Weapon

    Hello, what are the ways of obtaining that weapon? I know you can keep going to stage 2 and fighting silver deva untill he drops the purple box and rng it or get 100 warrior tokens? Isn't any other way? xD
  12. Quick question

    Yeah should be ending any minute now.
  13. How do people earn 50-100g per day?

    So essentially long range would make for a better alt if I want to make gold faster yeah?
  14. How do people earn 50-100g per day?

    After the update there should be an exp event, maybe I should level an alt too, whats a good alt that can earn good money? I was thinking of making an assassin or warlock.
  15. How do people earn 50-100g per day?

    Lol wow, from 40 dungeons either those people are lying or gold buyers. xD