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Air pull going wrong?


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First of all the main problem I have:


It usually starts like that: I want to make an opening in the arena with the air-pull. This usually shall go like that: Jump with Shift + Space for that long jump, then Space again for Glide, then Falcon grab then RMB. But that doesn't work somehow. I have to use after Glide Space again to un-Glide, then grab with Falcon and then Glide again to RMB. The problem when I do this is that I loose a lot of height after that Glide cancel which makes it a lot harder to hid with RMB since it only works when I'm at the highest point, and it takes way too long. No matter how fast I press this 3 buttons, it still takes too long, compared to other BM's and from the videos of BM's I saw. They grab me instantly when I am in range while I have to press at least 2 buttons which makes it impossible to react faster. 


So is there a trick to pull that off with 1 button or are they all using a macro?

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RMB doesnt only work at the highest point, actually you have to use it close to the ground while gliding. Otherwise the game thinks you pulled the enemy to you too high in the air and you cant hit him on the ground.


Theres no macro or 1 button combo for that, you just have to practise. For the beginning you dont have to glide first, just jump around while sprinting. When you are in range of the enemy press falcon, drop near to the ground, press space to glide and then rmb.


Or just wait till we get hm z, then this opening is dead i think.

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