Blade & Soul Livestream Art Gallery

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We have seen such astounding artistic Blade & Soul creations over the past few months and we want to show them off in our livestreams!


Please follow these steps if you would like to submit your artwork for a chance to be shown on the official Blade & Soul livestream:

  1. Attach an image file of your creation to a new email.
  2. Use the subject line "Blade & Soul Livestream Art Gallery Submission"
  3. Please include your character name and server for crediting on the livestream.
  4. Include the below phrase within the body of the email:
    • "I hereby state that I am the creator of the contents within this email and agree to allow the items to be shown on the Blade & Soul official livestream."
  5. Send the email to B&


We will be showing Blade & Soul artwork occasionally on our livestreams so be sure to tune in to our weekly livestreams to see what the Blade & Soul community has been up to in the art scene!

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