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Salvaging bug


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Items are currently not able to be salvaged by pressing the 'Y' button if there is more than one of said items in a stack. The button simply does not work.


Also, on a similar note, you can open item boxes/chests while moving if they're in stacks of one, but cannot do so while moving if the stack consists of more than one item (E.g. I can open a single silverfrost reward chest while moving using auto-run, but if there's two of them in a stack, pressing confirm while moving does nothing).

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The first one is not a bug.
when salvaging a stack with more than one item it activates an input field where you can choose how many you want to salvage, with the default being the stack number. When you press "y" the game thinks you try to say: "salvage Y out <stack number> items", and it recognizes Y as not being a number and nothing happens. Pressing "Enter" will work on these stacks if you want to use a hotkey ;)

I don't have any input for the 2nd one :)


Hope that helps

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