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  1. Is there any reason to believe that they can't simply mate with other races and produce other Yun?
  2. There's absolutely no way it could possibly mean number 2 if she's telling you you can use it.
  3. Where in Canada are you and what's your ping? I get sub-50 ms from Ottawa -> Dallas
  4. This pic, like many others that come from that "inven" site have been touched up outside of the game with additional smoothing/filters. Your characters will never look exactly like this. You can even see the smoothing that's been done on the lips and the face. The only areas that appears to have been left alone are the eyes.
  5. Since these are new forums and the old forums are now somewhat obscure, I'll cut you some slack for not knowing that there have been tons of threads asking for this already. For the most part, it does not seem like the community wants this. I most certainly don't want this. Most people that respond to these kinds of threads don't want this. So no, no thanks.
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