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  1. New bug I noticed when leveling another alt that didn't appear before. When you enter Yehara's Mirage for the first time in this particular part of the story, you're supposed to see a cutscene of Juwol and Soha fighting and Yehara breaking them up. Lately, this cutscene doesn't seem to trigger, as when I entered the mirage the cutscene did not trigger AT ALL (as in, no black screen indicating the start of a cinematic, no escape button at the bottom right, or anything.. the cutscene straight up didn't appear and the quest progressed as if there were no cutscene there in the first place). This is a great cutscene and I really think you guys should fix this bug. FeelsBadMan
  2. To NCSoft Admins about Infinity Tower

    The problem with ToI isn't the HP or really even any of the stats the AI characters have. These are meant to be hard to kill without good gear/class knowledge. The problem with ToI is the way some of the AI classes behave. Soul Fighters, Blade Dancers, and Assassins in particular play in a completely nonsensical way. They just kite and waste time for no particular reason whereas every other class will at least try to kill you. The fact that these MELEE classes (and yes, SF is melee. Technically it's mixed but the vast majority of the class's DPS comes from its kung fu stance) kite the everloving crap out of me as a KFM is totally messed up. Whenever I get one of these 3 classes I just have to hope and pray that I can kill them quickly enough (which often isn't the case due to the constant kiting and literal SPAMMING of iframes that goes on due to over-active legendary weapon procs). It's messed up when I can literally stand in the middle of the room doing nothing and have the AI take forever to kill me or not even kill me at all. I don't really get killed in ToI that often and I've even made it to 53f, but I do find myself getting timed out a lot, and the constant kiting and time wasting by these classes is really not fun to deal with. Also, can we tone down on the amount of legendary resets the AI gets? It's a bit silly for the AI with baleful to barely hit me over the course of 2 minutes yet somehow have 8 additional damage stacks. Also seraph weapon procing is insane and makes it very hard to lock down the AI for any length of time.
  3. Pale Stalker censored?

    Have you seen the hat drop recently? I've definitely killed this boss well over 100 times now and have all the other accessories except the hat.
  4. Premium Storage Bug

    I've made more subsequent purchases since I made this post and this bug has happened to me every single time I've bought something as prem 10. What happens is that the game will actually reset my premium rank to 1 until I relog, which never happened to me before. This is a really annoying bug and I don't want to have to go through with this every time I decide to support the game. NCSoft should make this fix a priority because there's no reason for this bug to continue to exist after all this time.
  5. Was KFM nerfed?

    KFM ani canceling was not nerfed. You may find it harder to use 2rf or r2rf because with all of your relevant HM skills, cyclone kick will proc more often, resulting in a quicker loss of focus. KFM does not need to be buffed in aggro at all. I have no trouble taking aggro from ANYONE except BMs. Even people with 60-80+ AP over me cannot hold aggro over me if they are not specced into threat which means that only other BMs and KFMs will ever take aggro over me unless I die. If you find it hard to hold aggro it might be because you are not using a good rotation, you have focus issues, you have fps lag and/or bad ping or you are not specced into aggro generating skills/not using your aggro generation skills enough. Make sure you have RMB, Tremor, and Counter specced to aggro if you intend to tank. Also, I don't find that similarly geared people outdps me by any significant margin. Usually I'm the one doing the highest amount of damage/dps in my party though I can't really say if that's because my party members are usually just not very good or they have lag issues. Also, I should note now that KFM does not have the lowest DPS (anymore?). Destroyers do even lower damage than us, unfortunately for them. We are still, however, more towards the lower end of the dps meter in ideal party compositions though that's fine by me because we have very high party utility.
  6. Premium Storage Bug

    I recently hit Premium 10 and this is a bug I've observed that seems specific to premium 10 (i.e. it never happened to me while I was prem 9). When I purchased something from the Hongmoon Store (with NCoins) using your web recharge my remote storage got disabled until I went back to the character selection screen and back into the game. From what I understand this is a bug that has been around for a long time, though I hadn't experienced it because I only very recently hit premium 10. Please fix this.
  7. Window positioning reset bug

    There is an issue where several windows will have their positions reset for a variety of reasons: a) The DPS meter's position constantly shifts/resets whenever you encounter a new boss or die and come back to an ongoing boss encounter via resurrection and then walking back to it. b) The friends list window, inventory window, Hongmoon Store, and Wardrobe window (whose position is relative to the inventory window) all have a tendency to have their positions reset if a player disconnects from the game in an unnatural way. c) The skill book window also resets regularly upon switching areas
  8. Two bugs to report here: 1. In Bloodshade Harbor, if you solo Venomous Thrasher, he is very likely to be completely reset if hangs from the ceiling and drops down with you close to him. This bug is extremely annoying, I can't predict when it will happen and it causes me to waste tons of time. 2. The dungeon progress window at the bottom right of the screen cannot be closed by pressing X. This bug has existed basically forever and I'm amazed that even after fixing it once the bug reappeared and still hasn't been fixed.
  9. DC and packet loss?

    I'm in NA and I've been experiencing, as of today, massive packet loss as well. PingPlotter shows 40% packet loss from level 3 to NCWest servers. I've been getting dc'd regularly though, 99% of the time during loading screens.
  10. The one costume I waited the entire summer for and it never came. NCsoft: why do you not want my money? I will GIVE it to you. Don't hate on me, please.
  11. KFM Aggro build?

    Spec the following skills into their threat trees: - RMB - Counter - Tremor - Flying Slam (optional, doesnt really matter)
  12. Reported the bug to support. They told me they can't do anything, which is understandable. What's incomprehensible is that they didn't even bother saying "oh hey we'll pass this along to the dev team" or indicate that they cared which kind of annoys me (because I even said in my ticket that I'd like it if they could pass this along to the devs). They pretty much just said "We can't do anything, sorry," and that was that. I guess I'll just have to post this here and hope NCSoft eventually decides to do something about this eyesore that I can't delete from my friends list. This happened when I added a bot character that had presumably been banned to my friends list. Why would I do that, you ask? Because the "report" button doesn't actually stop these "people" from spamming friend requests on you so I have to manually block them, but I can't do that if I don't add them since I won't know their character name. However, if I add them and they get banned by the time I add them, I end up in this situation. Fantastic how that works, eh?
  13. Q: What are you doing to make the game more alt friendly? Explanation: While increasing story quest exp to get people to hm 4 is nice, this still isn't really enough when making alternate characters for one simple reason. The reason being that some classes need a lot of skill points to reach their full potential (FM being the most notorious example). Most classes reach a very high point in their potential at around hm 12 or so and all classes are pretty much perfectly equipped by HM 15. I'm not asking you to jump us to HM 12 easy mode with story quests like KR, but I feel like esports in the west won't really take off if players feel like they have an insane grind ahead of them that's necessary to become truly competitive. Also, there are so many materials in this game that are unable to trade for whatever unknown reason. Items like: Pirate Emblems, Siren Emblems, Jewel Powders, Element Powder, Dragon Certificates (regular & small), Moonwater Refining Stones, and faction insignias (e.g. misty woods insignias) are all completely untradeable for whatever inconceivable reason. Making these items (as well as some others) bound to account would help tremendously in alt progression, and alt progression is a good thing to keep people playing when they would otherwise quit due to class boredom. Again, this isn't about asking you to make the game too easy but it's not like you can't do anything more than what you're doing to make it easier to play alternate characters. The idea that I have to do all of this obscene farming on each and every single character I have is cringeworthy.
  14. Oh my God....Chapter 5 Story Spoiler

    That scene was very hentai-like and I am surprised the developers put that shit in there....
  15. Was KFM nerfed?

    No, KFM was not nerfed. Actually, KFM has been getting buffed over and over again these past few balance patches and is actually getting buffed again in the next one. Yes, your DPS seems low and it seems like you do the lowest DPS in the game because you do, in fact, do the lowest DPS in the game. BMs (who also have the second lowest DPS in the game) and KFMs already provide the ultimate party utility (tanking) so it should not surprise you that our damage is lower than that of other classes.