Sooooo NC said they didnt wanna become p2w. They lied

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I just want to throw in something (in no defence to ncsoft, i mostly agree with the OT)

this rng boxes make the prices drop for upgrade materials on the market!


did nobody notice this? BC I saw no one talking about that in their arguments about this topic.


So, even if u dont pay a penny, u get something out of it if someone else pays.


just saying


(also, the new wandering merc, its like trove event without money, nobody wants to say anything about that?)

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9 hours ago, KzE said:

Why not, it just pay 2 progress overall, and everyone is fine with that here...

Pay to Progress is a nice and kind way to say Pay to Win.


Like, well ok you can get same gear, free or pay ( theoricaly )


But that don't mean free players WILL have same gear as pay ones. Its somewhat a huge advantage, and not everyone will 24/7 into game farming to catch up.


I'm fine only in the way they make arena gear balance, but the way hackers, bots and perma invisible/combo sins kinda ruin it in the other hand.

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