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Blade Dance Match-ups?


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I have been trying arenas yesterday, and ran against a lot of Blade Dancers. I am unfamiliar with the class, and was wondering if there are any tips to prevent that thing they do when they completely disable the character. Any quick tips on their skill set would be appreciated as well.


I gather they are invulnerable while they spin, so getting the heck out and Q-ing the cat is Okay?

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Ok, I've fought a lot with BD and they all have somewhat different play styles. 

First of all, this is the rule of thumb for every class, spec trinket (for summoner it's skill 2 when you're cc'd) so you'll get out of stun/daze/kd and DONT WASTE IT JUST TO GET OUT OF 1 STUN/DAZE. I REPEAT, DO NOT *cricket*ING WASTE IT.

They spin doesn't mean full resist, for the 1st .5 sec it's a counter and resist to daze/stun, after that, you can  knock down (KD) him with cat's Ankle biter or Beckon tier 3 stage 2. The same principle is for Destroyer 

If you happen to be knock up and combo'd press F asap because most of the time, you might be combo'd after with a HM Lightning draw and stun. That's the 100-0. And even if you got combo'd, now it's the time to use the trinket

If they grab you and put the sword on you, use your trinket and after use 3 (rose petal) to heal back up

If they grab you cat and throw it away to sleep, during the animation of the cat being thrown away, you can use E (Beckon to recall you cat). And if they succeed in doing so, try your best to stand next to your cat and you'll be fine (If BD engages they will most likely hit your cat and wake him up, thus, defeating the purpose)

If they grab your cat and start killing it, your best bet is to use Z to heal the cat and spam your Q until it works to mitigate the damage on cat. Cat is dead means you're half dead

If they grab you and do nothing, they might be baiting your trinket, and if they put you to sleep while trying to kill the cat, Q him, if that's not possible, you might have to use tab and save the cat

If they're dumb enough to spin near you and hit you, use 4 (Dandel) for free stealth to re-position and heal for 5%

Recognize their skill, if they have a barrier and sword flying around them, dont bother to attack, and just run away. If they slash their sword horizontally about 3 times (?) they are full resist during the entire animation and they heal if they hit you, so use 4 and they will waste the heal

It would be very helpful if you have HM rumblebee ( Many way to obtain it, Achievement vendor, Zen bean vendor, AH), Ankle biter tier 2 ( Disable their approach skill if it hits, meaning they won't be able to dash to you) and Flying Nettle tier 3 stage 2 (Same anti-approach)

Hope it helps.

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