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What is the FM's highest DPS combo?


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I know about spamming RL2 and using Inferno + Meteor & Short Fuse when available.


I use the auto-detonate on embers because of laziness but I'm aware that it's better to use Impact 3rd path and not use autodetonate for more damage.


Is there anything else I can incorporate for better damage? Like the dragon attacks? Should I also add points into the Dual Dragon attacks in case of a Warlock's Soul Burn?


Should I add points into any other skills?

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(specced) Fire fury followed by dragon fire for dragon fire buff then fire fury again if possible then dual dragon if possible then X>>V>>C>>you can detonate C if you want..Try to always have the dragon fire buff on for more fire damage.


Wind storm stage 1 specced is nice when you have a destroyer or LBD etc in your party since it does far more damage to grapped,grappled and phantom gripped targets and its animation is almost as fast as fire/frost fury.It is also fire damage so it should be affected by dragonfire buff.


Dual dragon is a pretty cool skill,spec it and ofc,it becomes even better when warlock does SB..Just stack 3 fire orbs instantly using fire fury then stack frost orbs using RMB and frost fury if possible.You actually need crits too to stack those orbs faster so the more crit chance the more dual dragons you can actually do during SB because,it increases the likeliness of orb regeneration (fire/frost fury need crits to be triggered and RMB needs to crit to generate frost orb).


If you use stage 2 inferno (the instant cast one) and auto detonate LMB then dual dragon>>inferno or specced fire fury>>inferno combo should be better because,they should stack your 5 embers without detonating them and when stage 2 inferno hits on 5 ember stacks,it does a fair amount of additional damage.


I am mostly frost myself so I am not sure if there are more tricks to enhance fire FM DPS.




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