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need confirmation for HM seed shroud


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I'd like confirmation of which skill the volume 2 HM book you get from the combined chapters from yeti and necro.


The reason I ask this is because ever since the release, I was under the impression that volume 2 unlocked the version of seed shroud that restored 12 focus for 10 seconds, since it was the second one, tier 2 (volume 2= tier 2). However, upon right-clicking the skill, I found out that volume 2 unlocked the OTHER one, tier 1, which allows more sunflower spam, which is much less useful for me since I primarily use Rumblebees.


Is this some weird translation error or do I have to get the 300 pages for the version of Seed Shroud I want? plz no >_<


Why would it be:

Volume 1= tier 2


Volume 2= tier 1


That makes no sense

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Nope it's correct volume 2 which is combination from Yeti and Necro pages unlock the tier 1 skill while the one from 300 pages unlock the tier 2 skill. You should check the achievement name in the skill menu against the achievement listed in your achievement page, that tells you which book you actually need. Why it is this way no one knows.


I have the tier 1 seed shroud hm skill unlocked.

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