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  1. You can't go from True Scorp > Chokma in TW, not sure where you get that from. You need minimum stage 10 legendary to get to Chokma, at stage 12 you can skip some stages. TW we have a path that continous from Baleful/Seraph using materials that is outside raid, but in the end that also will upgrade into Chokma.
  2. TW/JP have the same content, content release for both region usually are either release at the same time or 1 week apart. CN get content faster than TW/JP, thought I am not sure how much faster but CN is also quite different than other region since it's not own by NCSoft.
  3. This is how random box works in TW/JP, basically first table is what you can get from the box, 2nd table is what you get from the special box (you get special box randomly from the main box so it's a box inside a box :D). Last table is what can be exchange from Dragon Express, basically each box can gives you tokens and tokens bundle among other stuff, so you can get enough tokens to buy costume or gems or other items. If someone bought 500 boxes, it's guarantee they can get costume and a few gems without relying on random. 20+2 box may not gives you enough token for costume but 50+8 boxes usu
  4. It's a quest call To the Battlefield of Azure Sky, you need to talk to a monk at Snowforest monestery, you need 5 solar energy (you get this from daily challenge) and wear your faction uniform. This quest should appear on your quest list for you to click on when you reached 50. No I don't underestimate them it's simply the truth, unless they can fill 1 whole channel with gold farmers, it will be impossible for them to farm. In TW without a certain amount of AP, you will not get credit for the bosses, a lot of players are doing 100-200k dps with some reaching 300k dps. TW have their fai
  5. When NA/EU get the patch where they can separate the pet skin and stats, then you can change pet skin anytime.
  6. The weapon skin shouldn't have any licensing problem, it's just cat paw skin. The costume do have Hello Kitty logo hence the restriction. I don't see why NA/EU won't get this weapon skin in the future.
  7. It's not restricted to KR, since we got it in TW as well, for free I might add. It's from some Hello Kitty event that also comes with a costume, but the costume might be restricted due to licensing, since when they re-release it in TW, they never re-release the costume.
  8. KFM already got shafted from the previous skill patch anyway, while other class get buffed we get nothing, but the new skill trees really takes the cake though. For those saying that the changes it not bad, try playing a KFM with current skill then look at the new skill trees then come back and say it's not bad. It's literally shitting on the class itself. I am hoping Korean KFM going to make enough noise for them to really look carefully into KFM skill changes.
  9. There is only two known discount for legendary weapon. Recent patch in TW where going from True Scorpion > Baleful/Seraph stage 1 have it's cost reduce. The other would be the nebula event where we get legendary nebula by transmuting two normal nebula, TW had this twice this year. Other than that cost of upgrading to legendary remains the same.
  10. TW got a cost reduction from True Scorpio > Baleful/Seraph stage 1 on Oct 19 patch, I think the cost for the rest of the stages remains the same.
  11. The TW server I am playing there are plenty of players doing it even when it's not part of daily challenge, it's definitely more than just 1-2 group shouting for it. Just that most group will do 1-3, from time to time you see 1-4, seldom do 5 nowadays. And most of the time they fill up quite fast unless they shout during GHS time where most players will be camping at GHS channels or during EBG peak hours during the weekends. But of course this might be different on other server, the server I am in is one of the most populated one and of the server that was not merge with any others.
  12. You are playing on NA from SEA, the distance alone should tell you that you will never get low ping even with ping booster. The most you can get is probably slightly below 200, I got that on another game that I play in NA as well but never get ping that low while I was still playing on BnS NA. This is not something that you or NCSoft can fix short of opening a new server for SEA region which we all know will never happen. This is the reason why a lot of players in SEA region move to BnS TW instead, even those that does not know the language. The difference is night and day, the dps
  13. I played on both NA and TW every purple dungeons from Moonwater to Silverfrost Yeti/Lair/Necro was buff. Moonwater 24 man was buff as well.
  14. There is a differences between unnecessary buffing and making something a challenge, a boss being a HP sponge is not a challenge.
  15. On initial release NA/EU bosses HP are higher than those of JP/TW, Yeti in TW is only 3mil + while NA/EU is 7mil, this continues up to Yeti/Lair/Necro, only when they release Asura and subsequent dungeons after that the HP was not increase anymore. Later they did reduce the HP for Yeti, I am not sure about other dungeons. Also even NA/EU event dungeon Tower of Memory, the bosses takes longer to kill, in TW it takes 2 shots from Poharan to kill the final boss.
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