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  1. You can't go from True Scorp > Chokma in TW, not sure where you get that from. You need minimum stage 10 legendary to get to Chokma, at stage 12 you can skip some stages. TW we have a path that continous from Baleful/Seraph using materials that is outside raid, but in the end that also will upgrade into Chokma.
  2. It's a quest call To the Battlefield of Azure Sky, you need to talk to a monk at Snowforest monestery, you need 5 solar energy (you get this from daily challenge) and wear your faction uniform. This quest should appear on your quest list for you to click on when you reached 50. No I don't underestimate them it's simply the truth, unless they can fill 1 whole channel with gold farmers, it will be impossible for them to farm. In TW without a certain amount of AP, you will not get credit for the bosses, a lot of players are doing 100-200k dps with some reaching 300k dps. TW have their fai
  3. Learn to sprint and jump to avoid the mob -.-, how freaking hard is that. The area is made in a way possible to run through it even if you are alone, you can even sprint and jump through without agro-ing anything. My group do this everytime we run Tomb, the only problem we have is when we get in-combat bug, when that happens we just kill everything.
  4. As mention Floating Island doesn't work the same as SSP - Even in party everyone might end up in different channel - You can't invite anyone not inside the same channel as you to party, so no taxi-ing, also to invite someone in the same channel you need click on them, not their name but directly on them to invite. - There is a hard cap, so new channel will be created when the previous channel are cap - Can't channel surf All of this makes it hard for farmers to actually fill up a channel with their own, basically Floating Island fixes most of the flaw tha
  5. Only KR have remove Infernal Battleground, Ethereal Battleground/Floating Island still remains. Floating Island is basically SSP but as sort of an instance with cap. You can't taxi others in and even if you are in the same party as others you might not get into the same channel. You are also not able to change channel inside, you can only do that by windstriding out, then windstride in again or simply relog, but it might just dump you into the same channel. All this makes it easier to farm in the area since it will never be overcrowded, multiple channels are created when others get
  6. vita

    Dungeon AFKers

    I prefer to simply have - vote kick option, screw the abuse, have played other games with vote kick feature and it being abuse is less than the amount of leecher/afk-er we see here - auto kick after a certain amount of time of inactivity, stop people from going afk mid run without saying anything, and if you need to go afk for a long time, clearing the dungeon would probably be the least of your worry, at least allow the group to be able to recruit people or simply continue on without you.
  7. Not sure how many runs I did, it was plenty probably not in 100 range though. Got the mask twice in a row, then nothing for a very long time. Until 1 day I read somewhere that someone got the costume after making sure that he is the one that deal the killing blow on the boss, so I decide to try it out, did around 4-5 runs, got the head gear and costume on the 2 runs that I manage to land the killing blow. Farm quite a number of these costume, but Obsidian Serpent really took the longest.
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