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  1. vita

    Dungeon AFKers

    I prefer to simply have - vote kick option, screw the abuse, have played other games with vote kick feature and it being abuse is less than the amount of leecher/afk-er we see here - auto kick after a certain amount of time of inactivity, stop people from going afk mid run without saying anything, and if you need to go afk for a long time, clearing the dungeon would probably be the least of your worry, at least allow the group to be able to recruit people or simply continue on without you.
  2. Not sure how many runs I did, it was plenty probably not in 100 range though. Got the mask twice in a row, then nothing for a very long time. Until 1 day I read somewhere that someone got the costume after making sure that he is the one that deal the killing blow on the boss, so I decide to try it out, did around 4-5 runs, got the head gear and costume on the 2 runs that I manage to land the killing blow. Farm quite a number of these costume, but Obsidian Serpent really took the longest.
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