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Good job


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-You dont do anything about summoner hacks.

-Every chat is full of spammers so i don't read chat anymore

-Bugs that are reported are working as intended it seems for ex. tag match camera max focus on tag

Customer support uses copy paste for all the answers and have no idea what they are suggesting (remove your virus software...)

-PVP matchmaking is horrible

-Your word means about nothing when it comes to what you can buy and what you said at beta time


But since you have done so good job i will reward you with not burdening you with any more money. This way i don't have to pay and since it's now free for me i don't need to complain until i quit sometime soon. Sadly this game has really good ideas but all the bugs and other problems it's just not worth the hassle and i don't want to pay for broken product.

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I agree with you. I think this game has some serious potential. Ncsoft had good ideas but the problems they do nothing about and because of that it ruins a game that imo could be GREAT! The bugs we experience now are still in Korea and have existed for over 3 years with no fix, then we have hackers, bots, and connection problems.

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