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  1. Impossible to create good party F8 anymore, fix this shitty F2&kick bug anymore..
  2. Like a topic we cant create party all leechers spam HARD MODE, when you try to explain ppl said "i will not leave", please immediately fix ths problem!!
  3. Infinity tower after than 50th floor: Force Master: Under than 1 min 3 times Iframe 3 times TAB Iframe invisible Bubble never stop! My every hit=Resist. Can you please check this annoying Force MAster at Infinity Tower..
  4. After than 1.5 yrs you didnt fix this problem and i am still lose battle points!!! 3 day before i get DC wth same reason and i lost 100 point (beluga lagoon) No i send you screen shot, GIVE ME MY 100 POINT BACK !!!! [Screenshot with player's names deleted by Amraith]
  5. Same topic, i was 6v6 wirlwind my team was 1500+ and enemy was 300+ i get dc and i lost 100 point wtf is this pls some one can explain me ????
  6. Warlock totaly disappoint character, you can go 800 ap full + full set you can farm HM-15, but some low geared summoner can kill you incedible extremly much easly, i leave the game 2 week ago, and i will never play BNS anymore, i have almost 750+ ap Warlock, but this game balance totaly bullshit, dont waste your time wth play warlock boys go to play wth summoner or assasin if you dont want to be cancer in pvp.. Gl hf
  7. LoL ok can you please ask game support and say "where is fckng volley buff?" also every blue volley hits 5k basic damage + 2 sec reduce vingstorm + helix spam.. I'm not try to explain you about pve, i can use 3-4 difference build for check dps also ths picture about 620-650 ap FM vs 720 ap Warlock, go play WOW, diablo 3, black desert online, if you seen like ths bullshit i will never talk anymore, also i talk about 6v6 i give you %100 quarantie, 1800+ rank players always kill #1 Warlock, ask your self WHY? Don say its about Soulborn i never use SB in 6v6 generaly pro warlock player neve
  8. I can give you %100 guaranti you cannot play better than me, i never and ever pass any skill, you thng i am noob or somthng but you are wrong, lets make together 4 ppl party and check my dps and skill you will shock bro beleive me, you cant see my finger ultra mega fast.. I always play "0" fail wth all dungeon, in all Eu i am the first Desolate tomb 4 man runner and i always go dungeon farm wth "Luki, WarForYou, ForGlory,Xix, Muruyama" all in Chinese Gansgter and Pewpewpew clan member, and beleive me bro, only pro player can join us..
  9. I left because: 1.) Warlock is only PVE and 1v1 Arena pvp class 2.) Warlock not a mobil character, when i go 6v6 pvp i feel like Stone Gollem but dont have Gollem dps, look like a gollem cuz SLOW 3.) Only Warlock have casting time, other classs have no Any casting time, if you go 6v6 when you call thrall you need to wait 2 sec, when you try to use Vingstorm you need to wait 1 sec when you use Improsion you need to wait 1 sec, and ths is totaly bullshit, 1 sec incredible extremly much important for 6v6 4.) 6v6 battleground have so many bug, tree always close your screen in c
  10. Hello guys i am Mr Ahmet Warlock and i leave the game, i hope everyone can get spend nice time also if you want to any information about Warlock wth veteran player.. Dont play wth warlock, go to play wth Summoner cuz summoner main+strong character in ths game
  11. I saw so many 25+ years old man playing summoner and probably everyone knows why?? Everythng for summoner, bns=summoner..
  12. Like a topic, all Pro Warlock player sad about to warlock, every pro player wanna do pvp and Warlock #1 Weak character for group pvp, do you have any program for this problem ?
  13. DragonCall useless anymore its garbage!! Also beleive me bro Warlock garbage too
  14. I care bro cuz i have 50 more ap, also when i go 6v6 battle ground some bm, fm or summo can kill me in 1v1 cuz i have not enought dps like other class, i have high ap and max gear i was make vs in 6v6 wth 650ap summoner and he was kill me, cuz my character not mobil "look like a stone gollem but moving like a gollem not dps" i am not bad player every one knows me also i was talk about that with "WarForYou" and he agree wth me, also "Tenah" was said same thing too.. Really man Warlock shitty class #1 Weak Class for pvp and pve in this game, i was Talk wth "WarForYou" today and he w
  15. yes if wl use scorpio "%20 helix damage" he can much more dps than me, you see? legendary worth
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