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  1. Impossible to create good party F8 anymore, fix this shitty F2&kick bug anymore..
  2. Like a topic we cant create party all leechers spam HARD MODE, when you try to explain ppl said "i will not leave", please immediately fix ths problem!!
  3. Infinity tower after than 50th floor: Force Master: Under than 1 min 3 times Iframe 3 times TAB Iframe invisible Bubble never stop! My every hit=Resist. Can you please check this annoying Force MAster at Infinity Tower..
  4. After than 1.5 yrs you didnt fix this problem and i am still lose battle points!!! 3 day before i get DC wth same reason and i lost 100 point (beluga lagoon) No i send you screen shot, GIVE ME MY 100 POINT BACK !!!! [Screenshot with player's names deleted by Amraith]
  5. Same topic, i was 6v6 wirlwind my team was 1500+ and enemy was 300+ i get dc and i lost 100 point wtf is this pls some one can explain me ????
  6. Warlock totaly disappoint character, you can go 800 ap full + full set you can farm HM-15, but some low geared summoner can kill you incedible extremly much easly, i leave the game 2 week ago, and i will never play BNS anymore, i have almost 750+ ap Warlock, but this game balance totaly bullshit, dont waste your time wth play warlock boys go to play wth summoner or assasin if you dont want to be cancer in pvp.. Gl hf
  7. yes warlock still need buff.. Cuz "0" mobil character have only poor "Z" its not important may be for 1v1 but its very important for 6v6 .. Lets check other characters.. Summoner: 1 İnvis and 1 ressist skill also %60 heal + cat use KD,Daze, Stun for example today i was fight wth "a squirtel" 1v1 i was very close to kill him may be last 2-3k hp "its mean 1 hit" and he was kd but him cat comes to grab me and summoner kill me.. Blade Master: Awesome Q, E, SS and awesome HM Block also normal block you cant touch him. Plus when BM use SS get increse movement speed
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