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Play BNS without being obliged to make PvP (Factions quest and Arena)


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Like the title says, i search some way to play BnS without care about PvP. I know this game is "all about PvP" but i really dont agree with that, each player play this game is own way and still you almost obliged to do PvP Arena and Faction quest to "survive" this game, actually you are forced to do pvp to improve yourself in PvE/PvM gameplay.


All your soulstone income comes form Arena/Factions dailies and you need it to upgrade your gear and other itens you need also too.


Soo, I wish to know how i can play BnS without care about this side of the game.


best regards.

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28 minutes ago, Finsternis said:

You could always do these Quests and then buy Soulstones.

In any case, you won't get around buying Soulstones. So if you don't want to farm them you need to expect needing more shekels.


that will be a great help, thanks :)


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