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  1. Disconnected from server

    Im loosing VIP time bonus ... Server still down?
  2. LV50 Voucher & A Cap only! Nothing more?

    I didnt receive anything, where we get the prizes? EDIT: Nevermind, we need actually log in our account on website and apply the pack.
  3. Account authentication (200 error)

    Same here also .
  4. Pay 2 Win Confirmed

    I really dont understand why Arena is so important for this topic, everyone know arena your gear is equal. and this game is for sure Pay 2 Win of course.
  5. sure and you play on empty server gg wp
  6. SSP isnt easy gold, will never be. Anyway i dont get why people are forced to do PvP stuff to get gold to do PvE stuff. Is just stupid. furthermore, that is only arguments of hardcore players looking for more casual players continue to play to feed you the ego of " good player.
  7. which dream server you play btw?
  8. im just wondering, how much time of your life you have to spent to farm all item, all soulstones, all gold. 12hours per day?
  9. NCsoft always was a cash grabber hardcore, i dont see what is the suprise here.
  10. Need to slow content patches or lower upgrade costs

    I have the same feeling. This game upgrade is going too fast.
  11. Summoner 25-30 Build i think its good for pve
  12. Hello, Like the title says, i search some way to play BnS without care about PvP. I know this game is "all about PvP" but i really dont agree with that, each player play this game is own way and still you almost obliged to do PvP Arena and Faction quest to "survive" this game, actually you are forced to do pvp to improve yourself in PvE/PvM gameplay. All your soulstone income comes form Arena/Factions dailies and you need it to upgrade your gear and other itens you need also too. Soo, I wish to know how i can play BnS without care about this side of the game. best regards.