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  1. That is the whole point? That's the one thing I agree on. The red AoE is going a bit fast. Not sure if faster than Blackwyrm, but I am not yet able to see a proper pattern as it was with BW. Other than that I think the place is jolly fun. It's great to stand on the sidelines with a SMG and wait for some enemy faction guy trying to disturb the mining phase and attacking him with great vengance. And due to being asymetrical and actually having a quest for loosing phase 1 it actually encourages oPvP, which is what Misty Woods pretty much didn't have. People just need to
  2. The problem isn't so much that oPvP is a Zergfest, it is that one faction can hog a channel. While faction balance itself is important, a channel would need its own balancing so it isn't 20 reds vs 4 blues.
  3. And will we meet Madun ever again? I still need to punch him in the face for making me crash in the middle of nowhere.
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