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Afk in cross server??


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Bots are a main priority I know, but something seriously needs to be done about the idiots who does cross servers and sits at the beginning doing nothing, then to collect the rewards while everyone else does the work.... maybe an AFK report? or a change? REAL people playing this game who act like their bots it just sickens me. Like, seriously if you're going to do something other than help out the party you're in then why even queue up for them? Should at least get some sort of punishment for afk in a party to soon then get a reward from being afk. Anyone else have an imut on this? or am I the only one dealing with the afkers?


Anyone notice the abundance of speed hackers in SSP's? lately? sorta ruins it for me how we cant even mine and capture when they skip around with the guns and bombs from the crates and is unkillable + them using the stupid masks so you can tell who it is. and i think those weapons from the crates are too OP 1800defense and 65000hp and the machine gun takes me down to litterally nothing in two mouse clicks or so

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