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Chapter 25: Mother's Garden Dragon Pulse


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I just started the Chapter 25: Mother's Garden portion of my main questline (Character name 'QuickWind'), which tells me to ride the dragon pulse to Elderblossom Veil.  After riding the dragon pulse, I realized my weapon was nearly broken so proceeded back to the nearest camp to repair.  So I windstrided back to the Wind Springs to repair it, then proceeded to continue that quest via the dragon pulse portal looking thing, however when I returned to its original location it was no longer there...  Seeing as the only way to get to Elderblossom Veil is via dragon pulse, there is no longer a pulse for me to ride, ending my main questline progression of which I need to release Yunma Fei. I can not abandon this quest and redo it from a previous point.


Is this a bug, or is there some way I can get to elderblossom veil in order to continue the main questline.  I have relogged multiple times, in an attempt to get back to Elderblossom Veil, but had no success.  If not then I suppose I am stuck at this point of the quest and will no longer be able to level this character to 50, ending my blade and soul adventure?


Please advise...


Thank you for your time.


Kind Regards

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If you remember how you unlocked the dragon pulse at first,try doing same thing again.

Also,you can try repair option though I bet it wont fix but you never know.

If that doesn't work,just send a ticket..I think its a bug.

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Same prob. This is why i hate when guilds heckle you to go do dailies and distract you from mainline questing. I bet all of them already did their mainlines or havent done it as yet. 

Found it. Most likey op forgot the location, here it is;

Dragonpulse location.

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Happened to me as well.  I leave the Veil to turn in a quest before going to the next zone, now I can't get back in.  They should just make that portal permanent... the quest can't be abandoned and started over either.

I sent in a ticket last night and haven't heard anything back yet.  This certainly ruins my progress until it's fixed.


Edit: 2016-04-16

I got some canned responses from support... I'm not sure if they did anything or if I just didn't notice before, but the windstride location for the step to "Use the Dragon Pulse to travel to Shiverstone Range" opened up so I was able to travel directly there without going back to Elderblossom Veil.  Problem solved I guess.

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Hello guys, i have another problem!!! I've done the chapter 25 when it was yellow quest but i discarted the oath belt and now i need it!!But when i go to dragonpulse i cant use it...What can i do now?:/

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Even though this is an old post, I have the same problem. I cannot go through the Elderblossom Veil dragon pulse.

The weird thing is that I know where it is, I can see it, I see other people disappear through it, but when I walk

into it, I just remain near the portal.


Has there been any resolution to this problem ?



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