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Can you implement auto HM 10 and all skills unlocked with like a token of some sort that is sold on the website for like 10€ / month.


Ofcourse make it only for for that char to be able to enter arena only while the token is active. And when it isn't, char is back to HM 1.


It's like premium, but only for peopel that want to PvP.


I love PvP in this game, but PvE is a boring grindfest.

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It is a good idea in principle, if this was a pay to play game.


However, the problem I see is with NCSoft West's  "no pay to win" approach:

If you allow this, there will still be many more players that do _not_ want to spend 10 bucks a month for "arena total skill unlock".
But they will have to work their backsides off to get all the Hongmoon skills unlocked while a minority will be at optimum at once for real life money. The crying would be loud and bitter.

I fear this does not fit into their free-to-play-no-pay-to-win business model.

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