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open pvp quality drops


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the first day of new content i rushed, as every other nerd did, to lvl 49 and something.


i went in open pvp, we were enought for killing bosses (even terrors) and few enough to get a drop everyone.


i am pretty SURE that "ogdonny"s dropped a chest too,. that u could just open. while terrors dropped locked chests.


this days i farm mining phase and what i get from "ogdonny" is just insignas (and quest item). i avoid doing terrors because i am melee and i will SURELY die once at least, losing all my prestige.


so my question is: WAS i drunk to imagine that ogdonny drop a chest with moonstones&stuff or i am right?

did they changed it? when and why?

if nothing changed since release of new content, why cannot i drop a single chest now? i have 504 ap , i spec comet strike t3s3 so i can use buff and spam it (10-13k damage per comet, i can spam at least 3-4-6 of them because of constant crit chance). rest of time i dps like mad.


what i get is 2-6 average prestige and a chest with insignas ONLY.

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The hoglin commanders always only dropped insignia and occassionally the quest item to sneak into the other camp's base for orders for me.

I only get chests that can contain keys from Konta (I'm Crim), the Raging Grassquatch, and King Grindtooth.

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