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Tips for PVP.


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Hello, im playing a Blade Dancer as main character and im having a hard time doing well on Arenas.

im currently on gold but i belive thats only because of Bots.



I have the most trouble versus summoners. the best ive done vs them is once i got one to 80% of their HP. vs another classes i lose also but at least its close.

I have tried things like. putting the cat to sleep (4 and X) but this always dont really work beause the summoner stands near him and i cant avoid waking him up.

I also tried to burst first the cat and CC the summoner. but somehow i always die before downing the cat (of course i dont hit the cat if the summoner sits him)

And also of course CCing the cat as much as i can with stuns and hitting the summoner.


Tips will be appreciated. Thanks


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