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  1. no its real my friend they are coming. KR should have them next week or so
  2. i mean halloween is upon us
  3. Most likely will be seeing Lyn warden by the end of october before that im not sure.
  4. ya thanks i do use the other version after really sitting down and reading most if not all the skills that are trainable.
  5. Caex

    BT Ring ???

    it doesnt from what im told since we dont use focus
  6. a bit ya since our E gives 40% and its a pretty short cool down
  7. thanks got it. helped out alot ^^
  8. i am seeing more and more ppl especially wardens with this outfit on. is there a new way to get it or what its the only outfit ive been wanting in this game and i cant find it
  9. gotta go for that 900 key super whale try hard mode for those 3 star procs boys
  10. go to account settings and apply code. From there select Blade and soul. If you had preregistered it should be there and hit apply.Insert other media
  11. but you also have the option to learn that while in the training grounds...
  12. does the level 50 tutorial basically teach you how to play? x.x
  13. will post my warden once i create him ^^
  14. Caex


    patch is done just servers are not up yet. Im sure they are doing internal tests to see if server is stable and what not to handle whatever they just added. usual dev stuffs on patch days
  15. Caex


    not yet Still got about 2 and a half hours to go~
  16. crystals to orbs would break the market ^^ since orbs are sellable and crystals are account bound. either way ya it sucks just gotta farm. The game is a grind and meant to take time unless you got a fat wallet.
  17. Caex


    pretty sure codes go out after patch goes up. Was the same for gunner patch ^^
  18. why is the music so nostalgic? D: i know it and i cant place it. Its driving me INSANE T_T
  19. think they means the hongmoon store F10 Look under services i believe
  20. correct. Daily dash usually lasts 3 months in between troves
  21. you really dont look at other sub forums then general dont you? liek hte poster above linked there was ample said and done for this maint.
  22. bad rng mate thanks for supplying ncsoft with alot of money tho :) lot of trove videos out thers seen plenty of heps and octo crits its all rng
  23. game wont die due to whales honestly. If you dont mind being stuck behind long grind walls as you work on your legendaries then you should be fine Game is great if you can push pass that
  24. who cares? a whale is a whale just play the game to have fun and dont complain :D
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