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  1. Is the admiral a man or a woman?
  2. Hello all! First of all i would like to say that until Silverfrost i didnt like the Lore of the game too much. But after i did the silverforst quests it completely changed and now im really into the lore of this game. And while i was trying to research to find more info regarding the lore or ask questions it had come to my attention that in the forum we have no specific section to discuss the lore of the game. I think i would be a nice addition to have a section were we could discuss, theorycraft, spoiler ourselves and ask questions regarding the lore... Who is with me? Have a nice day :)
  3. Tips for PVP.

    Hello, im playing a Blade Dancer as main character and im having a hard time doing well on Arenas. im currently on gold but i belive thats only because of Bots. Anyway: I have the most trouble versus summoners. the best ive done vs them is once i got one to 80% of their HP. vs another classes i lose also but at least its close. I have tried things like. putting the cat to sleep (4 and X) but this always dont really work beause the summoner stands near him and i cant avoid waking him up. I also tried to burst first the cat and CC the summoner. but somehow i always die before downing the cat (of course i dont hit the cat if the summoner sits him) And also of course CCing the cat as much as i can with stuns and hitting the summoner. Tips will be appreciated. Thanks
  4. New Content UnDoable on Low Population Servers

    It looks like we need to wait for things to balance a little. currently on high pop servers its also hardly doable since the areas are way to crowded are on have no people at all (other channels) I think that this will get better with time when more people reach level 50 and on High pop servers there will be enough to fit more channels (instead of all just being on 1 or 2 making it super crowded). and on lower populated servers there will be enought people to make it doable to at least 1 channel anyway i think patience is the answer. i know its frustrating but im pretty sure things will get better in 1 or 2 weeks. Cheers!
  5. First of all i would like to say that im playing Blade and soul since its launch this year and im having a blast every minute of it. after playing wow for like 6 years, this game was exactly was i needed. Now to my question... Due to my job and personal life im left with 1-2 hours a day to play. for that reason im finding really hard to make gold for upgrades. anyone can share any tip or way to make gold without having to use all my daily time to play on dailies? help is appreciated. thanks in advance!
  6. Petition for a South American server

    Totally agree! Although i am living not in South America currently - i totally support this! good luck!
  7. Song for the Arena match?

    I found it!
  8. Hey guys. im looking for the song that plays when fighting an arena match. i have found on youtube some songs but they are not the same that i hear when im fighting on arena... maybe on korea they have different songs? or the songs are different depends on class? i play as blade dancer....