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Hajoon's training quests no longer reward money


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  • 2 weeks later...

I tested this again to see if there were any unannounced fixes for this, the same way the fixes for the Level 20 survey and Giant Enemy Crabs quests were unannounced.


I created a new character. By the time I reached Jadestone Village, I had only 77 copper. COPPER. No silver. Any money spent was used for upgrading the Hongmoon weapon only.

Hajoon's training quests still do not reward money. And since no one has responded to this thread nor the tweets I sent to Babbletr0n and Julianne Harty, my conspiracy theory senses have started to tingle.


I'm guessing that the monetary rewards have been quietly removed as an attempt to discourage RMT. Oh NCWest, haven't you learned from your other games that this does the opposite of what you want?

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